We visited the Cybertron PC floor at PAXWEST where they showed us the spirit of customization in their latest desktop gaming PCs. They showed off the Scarab, Cybertron PC’s liquid-cooled single graphics card desktop. The Horus, a dual-card mid-tower desktop, and the stunning Ra. The Ra features Cybertron PC’s premiere gaming experience offering dual open-loop liquid cooling, up to 4-way SLI/crossfire graphics cards and Broadwell-E support.

[00:33] – Introduction to Cybertron PC
[02:07] – Scarab – Entry-level CLX desktop
[01:55] – Horus – Mid-tower dual graphics desktop
[02:56] – Ra – Full-tower ultimate desktop
[05:07] – Custom paintwork options
[05:43] – Xbox clubs and group options in PC gaming



Cybertron PC builds and sells custom configured servers, rackmount servers, towers, gaming pcs, computers, laptops, notebooks and workstations. Cybertron PC have been an established Kansas Corporation since January of 1997. They take great pride in their high level of customer service and support. Their consistent quality and high level of support has earned Cybertron PC the distinction of being the 15th Largest system Builder in the USA (CRN , 2007) .

For more information please visit http://www.cybertron.com

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