Something of a quite month, with the build up to the Windows 10 event, a couple of conferences like DEVIntersection and NZ Ignite. Still we highlighted Cake, IoT, being in the music with the Kinect, build games and more…

Coding4Fun Blog

Automatic Graph Layout, now NuGet’able
Dashboard your next IoT project with Power BI
Cake!… Baking a new Build with C# Make
UWP++ with UWP Community Toolkit 1.1
Blockly Windows 10 IoT
Alessandro is back with DelSole.CrossAnalyzers
Syncfusion HTML to PDF WebKit Powered (and free)
Open Roberta is 2, well v2…
Extending Visual Studio with menus, menus, menus and toolbars…
Buildbox Make You Own Game Series
Two Pi… Updated and New Raspberry Pi IoT Kits

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

DALQA – Interactive Collaborative Music Experience
The Prefect Kinect Sunday
You’re the Remix with the Kinect
Frank Sinatra’s Virtual Shoes and You

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