In June we were all over the place, from UWP to SQL, Game dev, Crypto, Markdown and more…

Coding4Fun Blog

UWP App and the Azure IoT Hub
Smashing your SQL with SqlSmash
You and now UWP with Buildbox
Learning Scratch & the Raspberry Pi
Lessons Learned Creating A Visual Studio Text Adornment
Crypto101 Introductory Course for Programmers
Small Basic Pi
Marvelous Markdown with VSCode
Being Cross with WebGL and Babylon.js
GHI Electronics NETMF and Gadgeteer 2016 R1 SDK is out!
Hex Visualizer Extension for Visual Studio 2015
“ASP.NET Core Template Pack”

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Wall Ball for Kinect for Windows and Windows 10
Kinect to the Classroom
Kinect to Cycling74 Max
Kinect + PC + Holographic Screen = Awesome (and VNTANA HOLLAGRAM)

Past Round-Ups

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Where’s April 2016’s Round-Up? I had a brain cramp and forgot it… Doh!
Coding4Fun May 2016 Round-Up
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