Summer is coming to a close, kids are back in school and vacations are done. If you missed any of our great highlighted projects, here’s what was posted this month…

Coding4Fun Blog

Editor Enhancements and .Ignore
Design, Music and Sound Assets for your Mobile Game Dev
Node.js? Raspberry Pi? Beginners Guide!
Solution Explorer gets Markdown
Oh My, it’s Myo!
Graphic Asset Previewer for Visual Studio
Do you dotnet cli? Here’s how you can add your own tools…
“Daddy is Working” Light
Lot’s O’ Languages – Visual Studio Language Pack
Do you UWP? Then you’ll want this…
Get your Grove on…
Hunt for Your Libs Here, at Awesome.NET!

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Make a 3D Model of Your Head…
Skeletal “Fingerprints” with the Kinect v2
The right way to measure distances with the Kinect
Country Ramble Games

Past Round-Ups

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