Coding4Fun 2015 Round-Up


Now THAT was a year! Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Team Services, Open Live Writer, Xbox One New Experience & Backwards compatibility, the risk of IoT and so much more.

Just scanning this round-up reminds me of just what an exciting year this has been. Wonder if we can top it next year? 🙂

From all of us at Channel 9, thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ve made this a year to remember!

Coding4Fun Blog

Hello IoT…
Lots of VS Extensions installed? Visual Studio [2013] Auto Updater…
MonoGame, F# and Santa!
Connect the Tiny Devices and IoT to Azure Dots with
Smart string pasting with SmartPaster
Coding4Fun Toolkit v2.0.9 Released
IoT Home Automation
“Open on GitHub”
Godot Engine
Lync to IoT
Two more from Mads… Open Command Line and Farticus
Conversations with Cortana
Coding4Fun January 2015 Round-Up
Carnac the Magnificent Keyboard Utility
License Plate Recognition
.NET Micro Framework SDK v4.3 (QFE2-RTM) (Think “.NETMF 4.3 RTM Release for VS 2013”)
Building DPI Aware Visual Studio Extensions
Example Channel9 Blog Reader App
C# Smappee
GitFlow for Visual Studio
The Open Sourcing of TouchDevelop
.NET Gadgeteer 101
Solutions, Start your Page…. [Another VS Start Page Solution Page]
Babylon.js v2.0
Coding4Fun February 2015 Round-Up
The TFS Productivity Pack VS Extension
Internet Connection Speed API for Windows 8.x, Windows Phone 8.x
Microsoft Band SDK Preview
Delimiter, Brace and Brackets… SyntaxHighlighter
System.IO getting you down with the MAX_PATH Blues? AlphaFS 2.0!
Raspberry PI 2 and the Microsoft Band
Project, project, project, creating multi-project Solutions
Using the Doppler Effect for Motion Sensing, Browser Scrolling…
In honor of last week’s PI Day, Raspberry Pi 2 for .NET Developers
Looking Through a New Prism
MonoGame says goodbye to XNA (and that’s a great thing)
Two Raspberry PI LED Examples
Coding4Fun First Quarter 2015 Round-Up
Small Basic Gets a Not So Small Update… v1.1
Intel Galileo V2 and You
Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Retargeting Extension
Kinect to Small Basic
Maker March
Visual Studio Extension that helps you create Visual Studio Extensions
Great Free Resource to Learn Game Development
Developing for the Microsoft Band Link Round-up
Adding Magic to New Projects with the VSX Template Wizard
Getting your gaming dev on will be much easier with VS 2015
Windows IoT, Galileo, Azure, Event Hubs and Stream Analytics
//build/ 2015
Coding4Fun April 2015 Round-Up
Quail, the New .Net Micro Framework Board
TFS Auto Shelve for Visual Studio 2015 (and 2013, 2012) Extension
Break into Code – Become a Technology Creator
Getting Real with Mike Taulty and RealSense
The Future of Visual Studio Extensions is Bright (and easier 🙂
Adventures in Creating a Cortana Speech Helper Library
Microsoft Band SDK Release and Band Studio Introduction
Is Visual Studio Online Online? VSO Status Indicator Extension
Rewards for Learning and Development? DVLUP!
Windows 10, Xbox Controller and Drones (Oh yeah)
A little more VSO and some Open Source JustDecompile
Flight Arcade, VorlonJS, ManifoldJS and Living on the Edge…
Coding4Fun May 2015 Round-Up
Extending Visual Studio 2015, VS SDK NuGet and the CPS
Learning Unity 3D
Two for the Band
Heat Margin Visual Studio Extension – Taking the Green/Yellow to the next level
OpenCV turns 3 and seeing Intel(R) INDE OpenCV
Easy Robotics with Windows 10 and EZ-Robot
Remember the cool HP Sprout? There’s now Emulator available!
Hello Face API…
MusicNet (MS Band, Azure, LEDs, WinPhone, RPi and more)
Hello VSO – Extending Visual Studio Online
Continuous MonoGame, NuGet Love, Updated Samples and more
Yummm… Pie! Windows 10 IoT Raspberry Pi Link Round-up
Coding4Fun Second Quarter 2015 Round-Up
Windows 10 Universal App Samples
IoT – From Device to Azure
Refactoring Essentials – Open Source, Cross Platform Refactoring and Analyzers
The Story and Source for TwinsOrNot
Maker, JavaScript Style, with Maker.js
Visual Studio Gallery Shows Open Source Extension Love
Health Cloud API, Web Tiles and Bex
Tipping your Raspberry Pi FEZ HAT
Visual Studio 2015 Release Day!
Air Hockey, Cost of Commerce and Adventurer Alliance
Windows Remote Arduino with Windows 10
Search Error On Extension
Adding Cortana to your UWP App with Visual Studio 2015
Coding4Fun July 2015 Round-Up
Roaming Extensions? Yeah!
allReady, a project where you can help and feel great about it…
Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2 & MinnowBoard MAX Released
Copy-n-paste code faster with Paste To Target
Winning with Win2D
Arduino for Visual Studio 2015 [Beta]
.NET Analyzer Package Round-up
Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit (The open source app used by Professor Stephen Hawking)
Raspberry Pi 2 + .NET Gadgeteer + Windows 10 = FEZ Cream
Go beyond “Blank App” with these Windows 10 VS 2015 Project Templates
Unity with Visual Studio Code
Jumpstart your Win10 IoT development with the AllJoyn Studio for Visual Studio 2015
Coding4Fun August 2015 Round-Up
Building your own Windows 10 Web Browser
A little light on AllJoyn and Cortana
Preview v2.0 Refactoring Essentials now…
End of Summer Fun with FunSharp
Building Roslyn-Based Analyzers and Diagnostics
Building Windows 10 Games with Unity 5
IoT from Build and Programming Robotic Systems with Visual Studio
Bridging the WinPhone to UWP Gap…
Scratch that learning itch…
Adding some PI to the EjectABed
A modern means to make your source browsable online
Coding4Fun Third Quarter 2015 Round-Up
Windows 10 IoT Core Starter Kit and Win 10 IoT News
Turning your Windows 10 Project Templates up to 10 with Template10!
Windows 10 Development for Absolute Beginners
Windows 10, IoT, Sphero 2 and Raspberry PI 2
Lumia Imaging SDK v3 (No, it’s not just for phones…)
Have a heart…rate Band UWP sample
Microsoft Band SDK – October 2015 (Now Includes Band 2!)
A Raspberry PI 2, Azure Service Bus and Microsoft Band walk into a…
Hello Code, VS Code 0.9.1 that is…
Know your Node.js (and VS Code)
There’s an Arduino in your VS Code…
Unknown File Type? Visual Studio Suggestion Extension…
Simulations, Emulators, Virtual Reality and Small Basic v1.2
Coding4Fun October 2015 Round-Up
AppVeyor via Visual Studio [Extension]
TypeScript and You
“All your device are belong to us”
Cheating your way to VS 2015 Shortcut Cheatsheats
Mads Mad Web Extension Pack
“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the…” Smart Mirror!
“NVM#: Effective Environment Variables Manager”
Massive set of WPF Samples and Community Projects too
There’s nothing basic about Lego Mindstorm EV3 Basic
VS Code Beta, OSS, Extensions and more
Training the Trainer, the Windows 10 Dev Workshop
Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book
Coding4Fun November 2015 Round-Up
DreamSparking a HTML5/JS Game From Start to Finish
Windows 10 IoT Core Breathalyzer
Extending VSTS with Project Template, Docs and more…
Level 0 – “Build 5 Mobile Games in 5 Days”
Windows IoT Core Visual Studio Project Templates
Windows Live Writer has evolved. Hello Open Live Writer!
Game Dev Live and More Imagine
Faking Band and Microsoft Band Tools
Intense UWP Templates with the Intense Toolkit and some Logo help
Face it… Windows 10 Vision and Face Detection Round-up
ExplosionStudio -> PowerMode!

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

[Limited Time Offer] Kinect eBooks for only $5 – “Kinect in Motion – Audio and Visual Tracking by Example” and more
Just face it… with these two Kinect for Windows v2 SDK Face Examples
Two Kinect v2 Tips from El Bruno – Disconnected Dev and Body Counts
Kinect v2 Point Cloud
Here’s a hand for Kinect for Windows v2 and XNA
Kinect for Windows v1 device sales end this year…
Head Gesture Library Help Wanted…
Kinect to Point… Clouds
Virtual Shoe Fitting
Kinect without a Kinect
Kinect to MatLab
CatchEye – Kinect to Eye-to-Eye Chatting
Using Kinect for Windows v2 Sensor with openFrameworks in WinRT applications
Face Tracking without a Kinect
Prepose, a Kinect for Windows v2 Scripting Language
Haro3D – Kinect for Windows v2 for LabVIEW
Kinect4NES & Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!
“Connecting with beer lovers…”
Face Frame Data Dev Tip
Determining Kinect Capabilities at Runtime
Kinecting to the Classroom
WebSocketing the Kinect
Getting Going with Kinect v2 Development
Kinect’ing to Wall Climbing
KinectingForWindows GitHub Repos
“3D Scanning with Kinect V2”
Holographic Window using Kinect V2
Kinect Controlled Unity Avatars with RUIS Toolkit
Is Skeletal Tracking in the Kinect for Windows v2 Really Better? Yep!
Unity 5 and the Kinect…
More on the openFrameworks and the Kinect
Brekel Pro Face 2 Released
Kinect to Windows Store Apps
Kinect 2 Hands On Labs – Labs as in 14!
Kinect for Windows v2 Speech Recognition Sample
Small Basic gets Kinect
There can be only one…
One Kinect v2, Multiple Devices
GesturePak v2
“Coding for Kinect with Scratch” MVA Course
Handpose – Look Ma, No Keyboard!
Kinect 2 Unity 5
Kinect 2, Sound Detection with C++
Kinect Photo Booth
RoomAlive Toolkit & Hacking Augmented Reality with Kinect
Kinect to China Imagine Cup
Kinect v2 Avateering
Computational Hydrographic Printing
Dark Olive Green Skin…
Resolving “Kinect Monitor (KinectMonitor) failed to start.”
“Avatar Car Driving with Microsoft Kinect V2”
KinemotoSDK (Kinect v2 Web Player)
Kinect to HD Face
Finger Tracking with Metrilus Aiolos Finger Tracking Library
Unity Asset – Kinect [v1] with MS-SDK
Kinect 2 Computer Vision
Unity Asset – Kinect v2 with MS-SDK
Kinect to your Heart
Unity Asset – Kinect v2 with MS-SDK Tips, Tricks and Examples
Raspberry Pi 2 and the Kinect, Making a Hand Held Scanner
Kinect Helps Detect PTSD
Building the NUI Future…
Researching with HoloLens (and be awarded Dev Kits and Cash)
Mousing around with the Kinect v2
Kinect Studio Revisited
NextStage – Realtime Camera Tracking for Kinect
“Anatomy for Sculptors”
Things to check when running Kinect for Windows apps on Windows 10
Kinect’ing with Gregory Kramida, University of Maryland
Kinect to Minecraft with McAmusement
Hello Channel 9 and Hello Kinect
Kinect v2 Minecraft for You
Kinect To MVA
Unity, Kinect and Kristina
Awesome made Kinect v2 and Unity
Vitruvius: Your Need for Kinect Dev Speed Solution
Kinect to HoloLens scanning with RoomAlive
Unity with VS Code
Kinect to Small Basic
Trying to Compare Depth Camera Resolutions
Reflexion Health’s Kinect PT Project Clears FDA
openFrameworks Visual Studio Extension
Kinect v2 + Unity3D + C# = Interactive Artist’s Books
Windows Hello with the Kinect v2
More Kinect for Windows v2 and Windows Hello
Kinect Powered Clothes Shopping on the Xbox One

Urbana High School teen develops concussion identification with the Kinect [Out tomorrow, 12/31]

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