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Daniel Egan (@DanielEgan) has been a .NET guy for a long time, but he’s taking himself through a migration – a migration to the open source MEAN stack.

Just like when you learn a new spoken language, learning a new programming language or framework doesn’t mean you need to let go of the stuff you already know. You get to keep the accumulation of what you learn, so it makes sense to learn some new stuff.

Daniel doesn’t just want to go through this on his own though. He wants to take you with him. He’s going to be documenting the entire learning process in a new, free, online video series called MEAN on Azure…

In this episode of CodeChat, hear Daniel and I muse about the difficult yet valuable process of learning new paradigms, coding in community, visual interfaces versus command line interfaces, and more.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Please do take a chance to drop a comment down below. Let Daniel and I know what you think, ask the guests a question, or recommend something for a future show.

As always, you can find me online at or on Twitter @codefoster.


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