With the Windows Anniversary Update we converged our Windows and Xbox stores resulting in a host of new features and functionality on our platforms. Join us as we talk with Frank Morrison, the principle program manager for the Xbox Store, about some of the new features available now. [00:41]: Explore the new User Interface… Read More Backdrop is a sample app that demonstrates how to use background audio in your UWP app for desktop, mobile, and Xbox One. Built with Xamarin, it can also run on Apple TV. Learn more about UWP apps on Xbox at Read more details about background audio in this blog post. Source link… Read More Join us as we talk with Matt Conn the founder of GaymerX about the conference and why he started it. GaymerX 2016 is coming up at the end of September in Santa Clara and in this video we also chat about the newly announced GaymerX East which will be held in NY in November.… Read More In this video, you’ll learn about Atmosphere, a sample weather app that combines the Windows 10 UWP SDK with the Unity engine for rendering 3D graphics. You can read complete details about the sample in this blog post. You can get more information about creating UWP apps for Xbox at Source link… Read More Join us as we talk with Tom from Sickhead games to talk about MonoGame support for Xbox One. We’ll then chat with the developers of Axiom Verge and Flinthook about their process using MonoGame. If you are interested in using this to make a game for Xbox please reach out to [email protected] so that… Read More

Have you been dreaming of building the next great app for your Xbox One? Always wanted to build an app for your gaming console? Do you see the big black or white box, hooked up to that big screen and wish you could run your app there? Now you can! UWP apps on Xbox Whether… Read More This video outlines the top 7 best practices for optimizing your UWP app for the Xbox. Read more details in this blog post. Source link… Read More Learn how to use XAML and C# to build apps that deliver great experiences on the Xbox and other UWP devices. We will cover how you can easily tailor a UWP app to be great on Xbox while continuing to delight your PC and phone users, all using the same source code. Source link… Read More Join us on the floor of our [email protected] Pre-PAX event where we talk with three different developers about their amazing new titles find about how they are changing the game by leveraging full motion video, creating comic books, and giving sick kids the power to battle cancer. Then stick around to the end when… Read More A complete walkthrough of how to take your app and publish it to the Windows Store and make it available to over 350 million users on all Windows 10 devices including the Xbox One. Source link… Read More