Still writing traditional desktop applications? MFC, WinForms, WPF? They are doing what you need, so you don’t feel the need to move to UWP, but you are feeling left out of the new Windows 10 API’s? Wish you could have the best of both? Michael Crump’s new article was written for you! Calling Windows 10… Read More This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:36] Vlad’s Long Lost… [01:23] First Wave of New Xbox Update Features Ship to Select Xbox Insiders Today [Scott Henson] [03:28] The Visual Studio Test Platform [#vstest] is now Open Source!, and, Open sourcing the VS Test… Read More This week, James is joined by friend of the show Laurent Bugnion, Software engineer and UX enthusiast at Valorem/IdentityMine, introduces us to the world of developing with the MVVM Light Toolkit with Xamarin development. The MVVM Light Toolkit offers Xamarin developers a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) library that adds data binding, commands, navigation, extensions, and a… Read More

Mike Taulty, Coding4Fun Friend, has written up a great development post on the Kinect for Windows v2… Windows 8.1, WPF, Kinect for Windows V2 and (Not Quite) Skeletal Fingerprints This post is just to share some code that I wrote quite a while ago for fun. At Microsoft’s UK campus there are some corridors that… Read More

Remember back in the day 2007 when Visual Studio debug visualizers were new and hot? Remember how WPF/XAML debugging wasn’t all that it could be (cough)? Remember how Josh Smith and Karl Shifflett stepped up and released Mole? Remember how Mole went commercial and then a few years later closed? Well then you’ll want to… Read More

Today’s WPF Wednesday post is a revisit to a project from Ratish Philip that we highlighted nearly four years ago, Adding some spark to your next WPF project with WPFSpark, a project that’s back and updated too. WPFSpark will help you give your WPF application a much more modern feel… WPFSpark v1.2 At last, it’s… Read More