Golnaz and Kaitlin had the chance to sit down with [email protected]’s Senior Program Manager, Katie Stone Perez (and host of Channel 9’s Level Up show)! Katie has worked in gaming for fifteen years. In this episode she talks about her passion for games at an early age, pursuing studies in child psychology, and how… Read More Golnaz and Kaitlin had the chance to sit down with the .NET team’s newest member, Kendra Havens. Kendra Havens is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Learn more about how she started at Microsoft, her favorite technologies, and whether she’s team Star Wars or Star Trek. Kendra will be creating videos for… Read More In this episode Cristal Kawula @supercristal1 and Clint Wyckoff @clintwyckoff discuss their favorite sessions and experiences at Microsoft Ignite. Source link… Read More Hear from LevelUp host Katie Stone Perez about Game Development and a few of her 6 quick tips for students interested in working in Technology. At Microsoft, our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. And helping students engage with technology and explore career opportunities in… Read More In this episode, Golnaz and Crystal sit down and chat with Kathleen Hogan, Chief People Officer at Microsoft. As the executive vice president of Human Resources at Microsoft, Kathleen Hogan is responsible for moving the company’s cultural transformation forward. Prior to this role, Hogan was corporate vice president of Microsoft Services, a team dedicated… Read More In this episode, Golnaz and Kaitlin sit down and chat with Monique Tallon, CEO of Highest Path Consulting, an international executive coaching and training company developing 21st century leaders. Monique is also a Feminine Leadership expert, coach, and author of the new book, Leading Gracefully: A Woman’s Guide to Confident, Authentic and Effective Leadership.… Read More “Where there’s a will there’s a way. There’s a way to solve every problem using your engineer prowess.” – Michelle Easter, JPL Engineer Hit play to let Channel 9’s Seth Juarez spark your curiosity through a captivating interview with JPL’s (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Michelle Easter. In this interview, Michelle discusses everything from dancing… Read More In this episode, Golnaz and Kaitlin sit down and chat with Crystal Thune, an Audience Evangelism Manager at Microsoft. Learn about her beginnings at Syracuse University to ESPN, side projects she’s worked on, and her life at Microsoft. Where you can find Crystal: @crystalthune Buy YOLO, her book of poems. GALs is a show… Read More During the MVP Summit, Soumow invites female MVPs to share their career successes and interesting stories. In this episode, you get to know more about Ezgi Can and Jessica Engström. They talk about their activities for the MVP program, the women in Tech ratio in their countries and they end with advices for success.… Read More