With active stylus pen input, detachable keyboard and touch screen the feature loaded high quality ASUS Transformer coming to market at $399 is a triple threat. In this video you’ll hear from ASUS’s own Geoff Gasior to get an inside and detailed overview of this new product. You will hear about the aluminum chassis,… Read More There have been some earth shattering changes in the PC Gaming landscape recently. With DirectX 12 asynchronous compute, recently announced 10 core processors, dramatically increased bus channels and code that works across multiple cores, there now exist unparalleled power to take games to the next level. Watch this video and see what’s coming next.… Read More Have you ever wondered how you could write code that interacts with your database? Well now you can with EF Migrations in the new Entity Framework Core for ASP.NET. Check out the latest from the Edge of the Web series and get ready for an in-depth overview and demo heavy session to learn how.… Read More Build 2016 has come and gone and our DevRadio regulars decided to get together for a candid no-holds barred session and discuss what they thought of all of the news and announcements made last week. Curious what they think of the new Bot Framework or Bash on Windows? Or maybe that they little announcement… Read More A massive storm floods Manhattan – and people need to find shelter quickly.Drought hits the Horn of Africa – and smart delivery of food supplies saves lives.An earthquake rocks Mumbai – and first responders need to know where to go minute-by-minute. Responding to disasters like these means boots on the ground — but you… Read More James Quick kicks off his brand new series today – Quick Dev – which is dedicated to saving you the developer, time. In Part 1 he shows us how to get started with Xamarin – a simple and intuitive way to build native apps for multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows in C#.… Read More Continuing our series on XAML Controls, Jerry Nixon welcomes Micah Lewis from the XAML team to discuss even more ways in which you can use XAML to create your Windows apps. [1:15] Buttons! What’s the big difference here? [6:30] How about the ProgressBar? Let’s talk about the big changes here. [10:40] How about the… Read More In today’s episode of #ImagineThis Kat Harris and Gavin Bauman discuss ways in which you can design your own destiny and make your future into anything you want. Check out this week’s Feet on the Street segment and learn how VNTANA – a budding startup turned their dreams into reality. [0:32] Design Your Own… Read More In part 3 of their Windows 10 and App Compatibility series, Kevin Remde and “The App Compat Guy” Chris Jackson discuss the enigma that is the Edge web browser found in Windows 10. Why is it here, Why do we need a new browser and more importantly, will it work with my web applications?… Read More