This week on Channel 9, Mark and Nikola discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:21] 2 year anniversary of the #WindowsInsiders program [Jen Gentleman] [01:24] Connect(); //2016 November 16-17 [02:06] Announcing Visual Studio “15” Preview 5 [John Montgomery], Release Notes [03:02] Just released – Windows developer virtual machines – September 2016 build [Clint… Read More

Looking to get started with IoT? Windows 10 IoT? Want to be a plug-n-plug maker? The recent MagPi mag and the Microsoft Grove IoT Kit might be JUST what you are looking for… Learn how to make with Windows 10 IoT Core in The MagPi 48 Windows 10 is better than ever on Raspberry Pi… Read More

I guess Magic Mirror projects are the “new shinny.” Last year it was, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the…” Smart Mirror! Last week it was MagicMirror². This week we’ve got another, one that uses some of the latest and greatest Windows tech… Building an IoT Magic Mirror with Hosted Web Apps and Windows 10… Read More Did you know that Windows 10 can run on a $35 Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 computer? Makers have taken the world by storm, creating countless gadgets and automated systems, connecting everything around them. This session is for makers – neophytes and veterans alike – who want to explore the capabilities of Windows 10… Read More

Have a 3D printer at home that you want to share? Is it too loud and you’d rather keep it in it’s own special place? You can now setup your 3D printer as a network printer, with a little help from Windows 10 and IoT Core Network 3D Printing with Windows 10 IoT Core! Since… Read More Infinite loops have been a centerpiece of programming since the first programs were written. Even “interactive” programs have infinite loops: program waits for input, program does some processing, program generates some output, program waits for input, and on and on and on. While current generation microcontrollers like the popular Arduino variants still use loop-style… Read More Build 2016 has come and gone and our DevRadio regulars decided to get together for a candid no-holds barred session and discuss what they thought of all of the news and announcements made last week. Curious what they think of the new Bot Framework or Bash on Windows? Or maybe that they little announcement… Read More