In today’s episode of Just A/VR Show, we’ll be looking at A-Frame, a markup-styled experience for creating virtual reality enabled websites with HTML-styled tags! A-Frame is a cool project coming out of the MozVR team, and is built on top of the WebVR API. Resources Accompanying video presentation The A-Frame Website: Introduction to… Read More This is a fun episode of CodeChat with a casual conversation with fellow technical evangelist David Crook from Florida. David has a ton of great content online on the topics of big data, machine learning, and IoT. He’s got his hand in some exciting projects, and it was really fun to steal a little… Read More In this week’s episode Martin and Martin take a look at the Gulp-webstandards plugin built by Rami Sayer and team from Microsoft Canada. The plugin allows you to run your static content, such as HTML and CSS files, through a series of tests to ensure compliance with web standards and best practices. If you… Read More Topic 3: You Don’t Know npm! by Ashley Williams @ag_dubs | gh: ashleygwilliams bio:: Ashley Williams is the developer community and content manager at npm, Inc. In so many words, it’s her problem when you don’t understand how npm works. Previously a backend and services engineer at Mozilla, and a web engineer and educator… Read More Martin and Martin look at Web performance and how to make websites faster. Source link… Read More Sam George (@samjgeorge) and team are responsible for the IoT offerings in Azure – a collection of services that will get your IoT solution connected to the cloud in a hurry. Join me for this episode of CodeChat as Sam and I talk all about these offerings. IoT Suite allows you in something like… Read More Martin and Martin take a look at how to use your web skills to build office Add-ins Source link… Read More Patrick Kettner (@patrickettner) is one of the core contributors on the modernizr project which we all know and love, and he did something really cool. I like cool things so I had a chat with him about it. Patrick made a command line UI for modernizr. If you’re a command line type person, you… Read More Martin Beeby (@thebeebs) and Martin Kearn (@martinkearn) host their weekly show, this week talking to James Rosewell from 51 degrees about browser detection, device detection and the difficulties in understanding what devices your users are using to browse your websites. Source link… Read More