Martin and Martin take a brief look at the numerous ways you can deploy to Azure. Source link… Read More Paul lives in Australia and works for Octopus Deploy – a software tool for pushing your code out to all of your servers. You can use Octopus Deploy for free for small teams, so it’s really easy to try it, realize the benefit, and then move into a higher scale production scenario. Octopus is… Read More Martin and Martin look at the three main package managers used in Core. Bower, Nuget and NPM explaining what each are used for in the context of an core application. Source link… Read More Bill is like me in at least one way – he loves TypeScript and Angular 2.0. I pulled Bill aside during the Build conference and we had a little chat about TypeScript – a typed superset of JavaScript – and Angular 2.0 – the new version of Google’s popular web framework. This language/framework combination… Read More This week Martin in Martin Look into Azure functions, an event driven platform as a service that allows you to execute functions of code when specific things happen. Martin Kearn uses this new capability to build an Image cropper that executes when images are uploaded to Azure Storage and then crops them and places… Read More Microsoft Edge offers F12 tool features that are unique from any other developer tools. Edit HTML and CSS in the browser, making changes on the fly, and Change Bars will highlight any changes you have made. The Changes tab will show all your changes in one place with the ability to revert or copy… Read More This week Martin and Martin look into Tag Helpers a new feature in Razor views inside of Core. They build a basic tag helper and consume it from within an ASP.Net Core project. Source link… Read More I was thrilled when Brad Green (@bradlygreen) of Google agreed to join me on CodeChat. I’m ramping up quickly on Angular 2.0 which hit beta status a few months ago. It’s a delightful framework and I’m having a lot of fun, so getting a chance to talk to one of its founding fathers was… Read More This week Martin and Martin look at building an ASP.NET Core website that uses Microsoft Cognitive services to determine the emotions of faces in a picture. You can see the finished website at and see the code over on Martin Kearn’s GitHub: Source link… Read More Angular 2.0 is pretty great. It’s the latest iteration of the very popular Angular.js client-side web framework. It’s different from Angular 1.x. Actually, it’s very different! In this episode of Web.Dev, we’re going to walk through the 5 Minute Quickstart you can find at, and at every step I’ll explain a bit about… Read More