This Week Martin and Martin use the QandA Maker and Azure functions to create a bot that can convert any Frequently Asked Questions page into a fully functioning chat bot. Source link… Read More Martin and Martin look at Recommendations API in Microsoft Cognitive Services and show how you can use it to give your website users useful product recommendations. You can find out more about the API on the Recommendations API Landing Page and to see the app that Martin Kearn built check out this GitHub Repository.… Read More CSS animations allow you to create animations that go beyond simple property changes. Similar to popular animation tools, you can use keyframes to create more complex visuals. Watch the video to learn the basics of CSS animations and then learn more at Source link… Read More Learn how to make a useful Microsoft Edge extension using only a few lines of code. In this video, we focus on the brains of an extension – the background script. Get complete details at Source link… Read More Retrieving data using the HttpClient is a fairly common practice in any number of applications. But HttpClient can easily be used incorrectly frequently with dire consequences. Make sure you’re using it correctly in the latest ASP.NET Monsters video. References: Our blog post on this Microsoft Patterns and Practices documentation Official documentation (careful with this)… Read More This video is really 3 One Dev Minutes wrapped up into 1. It covers how to use the F12 Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge to fix a buggy extension’s: – background script – content script – extension page For more information, go to Source link… Read More This week on CodeChat I had the honor of talking with Jason Dobry – the creator of JS Data. JS Data is an open source ORM for JavaScript that I call amazing because frankly it is. Being JavaScript, it’s as happy in the client (as in browsers, for example) as it is on the… Read More Bryce works at Microsoft in the Xbox division as a designer. He specializes in inclusive design in the world of gaming. You’ll learn a lot about the general definition of disability and the options that game developers have for facilitating software use for everyone. One of the interesting things that I learned from Bryce… Read More I recorded a lot of CodeChat episodes from Build 2016, and this is the last. This means the last time you have to look at the same screaming plaid shirt. This is a fun one though, because this time I (and my shirt) are talking to Jason Fox of Microsoft and Eric Ang of… Read More