Comments, love them or hate them, there’s a place for them. What if you could pretty them up? Make different comments unique, actually put them to work! Today’s Visual Studio Extension Monday project comes from to us from Omar Rwemi, who’s done just that… Better Comments Better Comments is a Visual Studio extension that gives… Read More

VBA based macros were removed in VS 2012. Since then, the community has stepped up and released extensions to fill that gap, like Extending Visual Studio with your new buddy, VsCommandBuddy. A couple weeks ago the Visual Studio Team released a new VS Macro extension that takes a new look at build VS macros in… Read More

Refactoring Essentials, one of our favorite projects, continues rolling on with the release of v4 with a raft of new features and a new C# to VB Roslyn powered converter. What’s really cool is that that converter, and the rest of it, is all open source, RefactoringEssentials. 🙂 Refactoring Essentials – Open Source, Cross Platform… Read More

With most new screens having touch, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple extension to Visual Studio that let you reach out and touch it? What if I were to tell you there’s not only one but that its source was available too? CodeConnect/TouchVS Touch interface for common functions of Visual Studio Download… Read More

There’s no question what the big Coding4Fun VS Extension Monday news is for this week, is there? I’ve been using the Power Tools for forever (since they were Power Toys 😉 so now being able to see behind the curtain and see their actual code is awesome. Best of all, they are going to be… Read More

Our second post in our Visual Studio Extension Theme Week, is also our second shout-out to Carlos Quintero and a nice write-up on how you can give us some feedback about Visual Studio Extensibility… How to send feedback to Microsoft about Visual Studio Extensibility Either if you are a new or a veteran developer of… Read More

This week is going to be a Visual Studio Extension Theme Week and what better way to kick if off then to highlight a number of great resources for creating them! First a shout-out to Carlos Quintero of for pointing out these resources (and we’re going to give him a second one on Wednesday… Read More

You’ve got a Visual Studio Solution where you’ve followed best practices and separated the layers and features. The problem is that now you have about a zillion Projects. And you want to see all the build information or Project Settings. So you click/click/click, your finger falls off from clicking/click/click… What you really need is an… Read More

Mads Kristensen shows off an extension he recently released, one that does something I’ve not seen done before (and didn’t think was even possible!) Disable Solution Explorer’s Dynamic Nodes A single-purpose extension that makes it easy to disable/enable Solution Explorer’s dynamic nodes such as inline Class View nodes from C# and VB files. Warning –… Read More