With security, we need all the help we can get. Today we’ve got two Visual Studio extensions that should be in your security toolbox… First, we have the one and only Mads Kristensen with a great extension that will help you find dependent npm/bower packages that have known security issues Package Security Alerts Identifies npm… Read More

Carlos Quintero, Mr. Visual Studio Extension himself, is back with a great set of samples and how-to’s on how you can add menus and toolbars to your next VS extension Here’s some of the other times we’ve highlighted his work; Help Creating High-DPI Friendly VS Extensions Building DPI Aware Visual Studio Extensions VS Extensibility Samples,… Read More

Click Click Click Click … “ZOMG, there must be a fast way to work in Visual Studio. I know there are keyboard shortcuts but who can remember them all? I wish there were a simple way for me to see and learn the shortcuts for what I’m doing as I click around…” Poof!! In a… Read More

Sometimes it’s the little extensions that add up to allot… How often do you need to get NuGet info on an assembly in your Project References? Maybe look them up on Stack Overflow? Or simply want to see the version numbers for a set of References? Matthew Burleigh needed this once too many times, so… Read More

Do I have to say it? Or can I just [Insert Greg’s Standard Love of Snippets Snippet Here]? Microsoft MVP Alessandro Del Sole and the creator of the Code Snippet Studio, was recently interviewed by Syncfusion, providing a different and cool behind baseball look at him and the app… Project Demo: Code Snippet Studio and… Read More

Welcome back to the Mads Kristensen blog! Just kidding… But I wouldn’t be surprised if you might think that, given the number of times we highlight his work. Well it’s all his fault! If he would just stop release cool extensions and stuff! For example, today we’re highlighting not one project of his, but two!… Read More

Looking for a fun little project? Work at home? Wish you had an “on the air” kind of light that’s instead tied to Visual Studio? Kirk Evans did too… Blynclight for Developers–Daddy is Working Light This post will show you how to code a custom Visual Studio VSIX add-in that will control a USB light,… Read More

Last Monday we highlighted more work from Mad Man Mads, “ASP.NET Core Template Pack”. Well we can’t leave it at that! Here’s two more projects from Mads… Editor Enhancements Provides additional features such as HTML and URL encodings, transformations and sorting of selected text the editor. Features String encodings/decoding String transformation Hashing Remove duplicate lines… Read More

Sometimes you just need to see the Hex… Mladen Mihajlovic thought the same, took a hex editor control and mashed it up into a Visual Studio Extension and here you go! Hex Visualizer Hex viewer visualizer provides a visualizer for byte arrays so as to display them in a mini hex visualizer. Very useful for… Read More

Lucian Wischik, who if you ever get the chance, make sure you catch him presenting, shares some tips and a tutorial on creating a Visual Studio Text Adornment. He takes you from start to finish and the result, your first Text Adornment… Visual Studio Text Adornment VSIX using Roslyn A VSIX is a way to… Read More