I don’t know about you, but one of the very first things I install for Visual Studio is the Productivity Power Tools. Not having a version that was compatible with VS 2017 was real bummer. Well, as of Friday, it’s bummer no more! Not only is the do we have the tools, they have been… Read More

Carlos Quintero, Mr. Extension and Friend of the Blog, posted a great tip on what Visual Studio Extension creators should do to ensure their extension is truly ready for VS 2017… It’s time to change the VSIX manifest of your extension to v3 for Visual Studio 2017 compatibility “I still see, even as today Jan… Read More

As our first post of the year, and the first “Extension Monday” of the year, this project seemed perfect to share… Mario Hsiao recently released this great pack of Visual Studio Extension/Extensibility Project and Item Templates, ones that if you’re an Extension author you’ll want immediately… Extensibility Templates “Contains numerous item and project templates that… Read More

It’s the day after Christmas. You’ve gotten some cool tech gifts, so of course you’re firing up Visual Studio to get to coding for/against/with them. Then you find out you need to restart VS as an Admin. Or you’re trying to debug a VS Extension. Quickly edit the Solution XML? Project? Insert a GUID… And… Read More

DRY, Don’t Repeat Yourself. As Dev’s, we hear that all the time about our code. But what about when using our coding environment? Why do the same thing, over and over, click, nav, click, copy, click, click, click…? Don’t think there’s any other option? Well luckily there is! Back in May we highlighted the new… Read More

When you’re a dev and you’ve just got a cool new input device, what is the first thing you do? Nico Vermeir shares the first thing he did, taking his shiny new Surface Dial and connecting it to Visual Studio, making it a debug dial… 🙂 Using the Surface Dial as a debug tool The… Read More

Today we’ve got two hot extensions from Justin Clareburt, two extensions that will help you save time and effort… Hot Keys – Keyboard Shortcuts HotKeys – Keyboard mapping scheme pack Provides the following new keyboard mapping schemes: Visual C# 2015 (New!) IntelliJ (IDEA style) for C# ReSharper (IDEA style) for C# ReSharper (VS style) for… Read More

Mr. Visual Studio Extension Man, Mads Kristensen, is back with a huge Web Extension pack for the recently released Visual Studio 2017. While we highlighted his Web Extension Pack last year, Mads Mad Web Extension Pack, this time, he’s out down himself, packing up 19 (and counting) must have web extensions for Visual Studio 2017.… Read More

Today’s Visual Studio Extension is one you’ll love if you constantly keep multiple instances of Visual Studio running (like I do). It’s simple, yet once you see it, brilliant in hindsight (and it’s open source too). SolutionColor Adds a toolbar that allows to set the color of the title bar on a per sln file… Read More

If you are a Visual Studio Extension writer, then with last week’s release of Visual Studio 2017 RC, there’s some important things you need to know. First, a quick peek as what is new with extensions in Visual Studio 2017. Extensibility in Visual Studio 2017 If you are an extension author, you may find Tim… Read More