In this episode, Robert is joined by Eric Kang, who shows the SQL Server extension for Visual Studio Code. With this extension, you can connect to SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouses, create and manage connection profiles and most recently used connections, write T-SQL scripts with IntelliSense and Go to Definition,… Read More In this episode, Dmitry is joined by Meet Bhagdev and Andrea Lam, who show us how to get started with programming apps in PHP and Java connecting to SQL Server on Linux. PHP and Java both have open sourced connectors that can be used by applications to connect to SQL Server anywhere (on-premises or… Read More In this episode, Robert is joined by Jeremy Foster, who just did a GitHub for Windows users course for Microsoft Virtual Academy. Here, he focuses on how you can use GitHub in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. Jeremy covers: GitHub Extension for Visual Studio [05:30] Creating and using repos [08:00] Committing changes… Read More

One of our, and likely your, favorite new code editors is VSCode. But it’s Friday and we post hardware and IoT stuff today. So I’m thinking highlight the new IoT Extension for VS Code is something perfect to share today… 🙂 Windows IoT Core Extension for Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code is the first… Read More This week, we speak with Benjamin Fistein and Jakub Míšek about Peachpie, a PHP compiler for .NET. We’ve had Ben and Jakub on the show before, and they’re back to show us some of the new features they’ve built: .NET Core compatibility, debugging in VS Code, Docker deployment, and NuGet package building and consumption.… Read More This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Petri Wilhelmsen and Shen Chauhan discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:41] Xbox One S Arrives August 2 [Major Nelson] [01:39] .NET Core Roadmap [Scott Hunter] [02:05] Announcing WebApiContrib for ASP.NET Core [Filip Woj] [02:40] Microsoft REST API Guidelines [03:23] A Common Protocol for Languages [03:52]… Read More

Find yourself writing a good bit of Markdown? Wish there was a better editor? Maybe in the new shiny and cool code editor, VS Code? Dave Johnson has written up a great tutorial on just that! Build an Amazing Markdown Editor Using Visual Studio Code and Pandoc Today we’re going to build an amazing Markdown… Read More