An age of more personal computing is upon us, but is our intuition around technology and design up to the challenge? In this sweeping talk across More Personal Computing and the Mobile First / Cloud first revolution, a new software design landscape emerges. Rick Barraza explains how fundamental shifts in computation, artificial intelligence and… Read More In today’s episode of Just A/VR Show, we’ll be looking at A-Frame, a markup-styled experience for creating virtual reality enabled websites with HTML-styled tags! A-Frame is a cool project coming out of the MozVR team, and is built on top of the WebVR API. Resources Accompanying video presentation The A-Frame Website: Introduction to… Read More Welcome to Just A/VR Show! In today’s episode, Game Developer & Evangelist Amanda Lange (@second_truth) shows us how to get started with Epic’s Unreal Engine for developing a mini-app for virtual reality. Amanda covers the basics of building environments, texturing, and working with Blueprint to tackle the ultimate VR test: a movie theater welcome… Read More Welcome to the first-ever episode of “Let’s Talk VR”, where I talk to the VR developers working on next-generation experiences in the virtual reality industry! In this episode of Just A/VR Show, I sit down with, a team enabling the exploration of real-world spaces using some incredibly cool virtual reality photogrammetry! Daniel, Dominic,… Read More Hey everyone! Episode 4 of Just A/VR Show covers the second half of my introductory content on designing for virtual reality: input and testing. In this video, we’ll walk through a few of the different types of virtual and augmented reality input devices and some considerations for usability testing to make your virtual reality… Read More Hey everyone! Episode 3 of Just A/VR Show covers the first half of my introductory content on designing for virtual reality: environment building and interactions. In this video, we’ll walk through different options for creating immersive experiences! If you need a primer on the basics of virtual reality development, check out Episode 1 of… Read More Livi Erickson (@misslivirose) is a good person to follow online if you’re even remotely interested in the world of augmented and virtual reality (A/VR). Join me in this 52nd episode where Livi talks generally about A/VR concepts and then dives into the topic of WebVR – VR in the browser essentially – and shows… Read More In this episode, Kaitlin and Golnaz sit down and chat with Livi Erickson a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft based in San Francisco. Her area of focus is Virtual and Augmented Reality. We deep dive with Livi on how she got involved in this field, her 3 year involvement in the Microsoft Internship Program, how… Read More Hey everyone! In this episode of Just A/VR Show, I talk about the VR Web, WebVR, and play with virtual reality in outer space! If you’re a web developer, or just interested in how today’s browsers are beginning to support VR devices, this is the video for you! One clarification: I make a comment… Read More