Making a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to an on-premises Linux computer can be pretty straightforward. However, when you make an SSH connection to an Azure-based Linux computer, there are additional intermediate systems and security settings between the SSH client and server. The new Troubleshoot Secure Shell (SSH) Connections to a Linux-based Azure Virtual Machine article… Read More

Today we are excited to build on the momentum generated at DockerCon and announce Container Apps in the Azure Marketplace. The new Container Apps category enables you to search and deploy curated Official Repositories from Docker Hub.  This is a super simple “getting started” experience for deploying single and multi-container Dockerized applications utilizing Azure Resource… Read More

A consistent key concern enterprises raise about using cloud computing platforms are wanting clear service level guarantees for your applications. While Microsoft Azure, and many other clouds, publish service level agreements (SLAs) for our discrete services, these aren’t the same as application assurances, so how can you get comfortable closing the gap and assuring the… Read More

A significant number of Virtual Machines on Azure today are running Linux workloads. In my post from September, I shared details on how to setup, configure and read metrics to monitor and diagnose Windows VMs running on Azure. In this post, I would like to provide details on new monitoring capabilities we have just released… Read More

Are you in need of a SharePoint Server 2013 dev/test or proof-of-concept environment? Check out these four options: Basic configuration for an Internet-facing farm (3 servers) High-availability configuration for an Internet-facing farm (9 servers) SharePoint 3-tier configuration emulating an intranet farm (5 servers) SharePoint intranet farm in a hybrid cloud (6 servers) Basic configuration for… Read More

At /build this year, Azure announced support for Jelastic PaaS on Azure IaaS. This is yet another PaaS solution that can now run seamlessly on Azure!  Today Jelastic is available in Azure in two modes– Jelastic Hybrid cloud and a Virtual Private cloud in Azure along with deployment tutorials to get started.  This blog provides… Read More

Are you investigating the deployment of your first production IT workload in Azure? If so, start with Azure Infrastructure Services Implementation Guidelines. This new topic takes a step-by-step approach to the planning and design, providing guidance and best practices on many practical aspects of Azure IT workload deployment. Here are the steps: Naming conventions Subscriptions… Read More

During the recent Cloud Foundry Summit 2015, we talked about the roadmap of Cloud Foundry on Azure and showed you the preview version of the Azure Cloud provider interface. Today, we are happy to announce the public preview of open source Cloud Foundry for Microsoft Azure! This is yet another exciting open source milestone for… Read More