Learn how to use XAML and C# to build apps that deliver great experiences on the Xbox and other UWP devices. We will cover how you can easily tailor a UWP app to be great on Xbox while continuing to delight your PC and phone users, all using the same source code. Source link… Read More A complete walkthrough of how to take your app and publish it to the Windows Store and make it available to over 350 million users on all Windows 10 devices including the Xbox One. Source link… Read More You already have a web dev workflow and deploy your code to a backend of your choice. You are writing code across Mac OS, Windows or both. This session will cover how you can leverage your existing workflow, while deeply integrating with Windows devices across PC, Phone, Xbox and Xbox. Source link… Read More Immerse yourself in the big screen with Xbox App development and join the kick off session where we will go over what’s new in the Anniversary Update SDK and kick of the day. Source link… Read More Take a look behind the scenes and relive the best memories from the BUILD Tour Warsaw event, which took place on June 8, 2016. BUILD Tour events are designed to reach international App Developers and ISVs, allowing them to deep-dive into the best of the annual BUILD conference, Source link… Read More