This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [01:01] //oneweek 2016 kicks off with Hackathon and bright ideas [Suzanne Choney] [01:36] Imagine Cup [02:17] Stack Overflow Documentation for Microsoft Developers [Jeff Sandquist] [03:57] Developer Assistant [04:04] Bringing ChakraCore to Linux and OS X [Limin Zhu and Arunesh… Read More Hey Cortana! We’re back with another show around more natural interactions and more personal computing using device and cloud technology and this time we’re looking at Cortana. In this show we add Cortana into a home automation scenario where we’re controlling lighting using Windows on PC and Raspberry PI. We look at how we… Read More

Are you a budding Universal Windows Platform game builder, yet the thought of all the coding keeping you away? Got this great game idea that you want to prototype? Buildbox is here and now supports UWP! Codeless game engine Buildbox adds Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support Buildbox—which allows users to create games without needing to… Read More

Want to play with the Azure IoT Hub but don’t have an IoT device? Jon Gallant shows off a way you can do so with a simple UWP App, making it look pretty darn easy… How to Get Started with Azure IoT Hub and a UWP App Here’s a quick post on how to get… Read More They said it couldn’t be done 😉 but we’re back with another episode of ‘Context’ where this time we’re looking at digital ink and digitised pens. Inking has long been a focus of Microsoft and the modern platform built around DirectInk and the InkCanvas control provides a great experience for the user while being… Read More This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:32] .NET Fringe is Back! [01:34] Microsoft brings container innovation to the enterprise at DockerCon 2016 [Mark Russinovich] [02:32] On the Road to Release: Redesigning Visual Studio Installation [Tim Sneath], Channel 9 Video [04:03] Get more out of your… Read More

I guess Magic Mirror projects are the “new shinny.” Last year it was, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the…” Smart Mirror! Last week it was MagicMirror². This week we’ve got another, one that uses some of the latest and greatest Windows tech… Building an IoT Magic Mirror with Hosted Web Apps and Windows 10… Read More In this episode of ‘Context’, we take a look at working with hands starting with some simple ideas around using pointers for touch, mouse, pen and then branching off into the 3D plane with cameras like the Kinect for Windows V2 and Intel’s RealSense F200 camera. Here’s a breakdown of the show; [00:00] Hello!… Read More This week on Channel 9, Mark and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:22] Happy 25th Birthday, VB! [Anthony D. Green] [02:10] Announcing general availability of Azure DevTest Labs [Xiaoying Guo] [03:20] Fetch (or the undeniable limitations of XHR) [Ali Alabbas] [05:40] Sideloading and enterprise distribution (Dev Center Tip #4), Publishing hidden… Read More