As we continue to serve our mission to be a premier destination to learn and have transparent conversations that build insight and trust in technical communities, we are committed to improving the experience and reach users on every platform. Today, we are announcing a new Channel 9 UWP App, which provides improved search experience for… Read More This week on Channel 9, Nikola and guest host Dmitry Lyalin discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:19] Dmitry Lyalin, Visual Studio Toolbox, Follow @Lyalindotcom [01:44] Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 15003 Released [Clint Rutkas] [03:07] Windows Developer Day—Creators Update [03:31] Introducing PIX on Windows (beta) [Shawn Hargreaves] [05:10] Announcing “UWPDesktop” NuGet Package… Read More Have you ever wondered “How did that dev do that”? Listen to Patrick Abadi, founder of Panoramic Software, talk about his experiences developing Windows apps using Xamarin and .Net technologies. He explains how Xamarin helped them reuse 75% of their code as they bring their apps to other platforms. Sign up to be a… Read More Welcome to The Xamarin Show Snack Pack Edition. A Snack Pack is bite sized episode that is focused on a specific topic and covered in just a few minutes. Today, we take a look at Plugins for Xamarin and Windows enabling developers to access native functionality from shared code. Plugins for Xamarin abstract several… Read More

The holidays brought you a new Xbox? If you’re here, then you’re likely a dev and the first (okay, MAYBE second) thought when a new device enters the home is, “How do I build an app for it?” Simon (darkside) Jackson, Friend of the Blog, has JUST the post for you! Building apps & games… Read More Learn how to build UWP apps that support Windows wheel devices, such as the Surface Dial. We show how to use the RadialController APIs to customize both the tools on the integrated menu and how your app can respond to wheel input. Note that we use the Surface Studio to demonstrate the full power… Read More

Dennis Bednarz of On MSFT caught this great Xbox UWP Kinect app… Check out Baby Monitor, a cool Kinect app for Xbox One An app to monitor your baby, using your Xbox One and the Kinect is definitely as strange as it sounds, but it may as well be equally useful. A Spanish developer going… Read More This week, James is joined by friend of the show Laurent Bugnion, Software engineer and UX enthusiast at Valorem/IdentityMine, introduces us to the world of developing with the MVVM Light Toolkit with Xamarin development. The MVVM Light Toolkit offers Xamarin developers a MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) library that adds data binding, commands, navigation, extensions, and a… Read More This week on Channel 9, Petri Tapio Wilhelmsen and guest host Joris Brauns discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:17] Follow @jorisbrauns [02:21] New Look for Channel 9 [03:13] Microsoft Fortifies Commitment to Open Source, Becomes Linux Foundation Platinum Member [04:15] Google Cloud to join .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group [Chris Sells] [04:54]… Read More

Friend of the blog, Mike Taulty, shares some great hints, tips and information on the new Windows 10 Kinect driver and code samples… Windows 10, 1607, UWP and Experimenting with the Kinect for Windows V2 Update I was really pleased to see this blog post; Kinect demo code and new driver for UWP now available… Read More