Microsoft partners with VNTANA, a startup built on Azure and Kinect to showcase their interactive holograms. Learn how VNTANA got their start and watch as CEO Ashley Crowder and CRO Ben Conway return to their alma mater USC to showcase their innovative technology. Source link… Read More As Microsoft Accelerator works with startups around the world, we wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day by highlighting some of our female founders. We spoke to women from across the world and across different industries to discuss the past, present, and future of women in tech and the entrepreneurial space. Featured in this episode:… Read More Microsoft Reactor is principally a community hub for making connections, resources and talent more accessible to local startups and the developer community. All developers are welcome, regardless of their platform or tool preferences. To be a contributing member of the local community, and inspire and motivate developers to create. To learn more about upcoming… Read More

It is an exciting time to be a startup in India. The statistics speak for themselves. In the first quarter of 2015, Indian startups raised $1.7 billion from investors whereas in 2014 Q1, the amount raised was close to $450 million, which means a 300% growth in the amount raised in one year. 300 startup… Read More

The first order of business for a startup is recognizing that there is a problem to be solved.  From that point onward, early stage companies need to translate that vision and help others understand how the problem will be solved.  In celebration of Earth Day, we thought it would be interesting to look at how… Read More