Hong Lu, a data scientist at Microsoft, talked about how to use SQL Server R Services to do electricity demand forecasting. The SQL Server R Services available in SQL Server 2016 brings new opportunities to perform in-database advanced analytics. The Energy Demand Forecasting Template with SQL Server R Services demonstrates how to use SQL… Read More In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Matt Usher, Sr. Program Manager working on Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Matt starts by talking through what SQL Data Warehouse is and how it differs from a SQL Database. He then goes into some of the analytics and intelligence you can use with… Read More Bart De Smet is a Principal Software Development Engineer working on large scale stream processing systems in the Applications and Services Division at Microsoft Corporation, a course and book author, and a popular speaker on various international conferences. In his current role at Microsoft, he’s overseeing the architecture, design, and implementation of event processing… Read More Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team covers a way cool announcement on your ability to BYOL (Bring Your Own License) for Microsoft SQL (provided you have an Enterprise Agreement). Blog Post: Don’t forget – we’re always looking for Suggestions and Questions here in the comments section OR… Read More Recently DX team members from Microsoft Canada took part in the DevOps Hackathon. Our hack was to literally build a better mousetrap by connecting a Raspberry Pi to record the number of times a trap is set off and where the trap has been set off. The data is fed through IoT Hub, stored… Read More Richard Campbell chats with SQL goddess Kimberly Tripp about all the SQL goodness coming to SQLIntersection at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in Orlando Florida April 16-22. SQLIntersection includes an all-star lineup Microsoft and third party presenters digging into what you can do to keep your SQL Server infrastructure happy, healthy and able… Read More Capturing more than 90% of the caucus results within three hours in a secure, accurate and trusted manner is an amazing accomplishment. In today’s special TechNet Radio episode, join Tommy Patterson as he welcomes the team that brought to life the 2016 Iowa Caucus app. Built on Microsoft technology, the new platform featured a… Read More If you’re like me and think Not Another MySQL Install, when you go to setup WordPress… then look no further. A couple months back (I know I’m late, I’m sorry!!) I got to drive out to Alabama and talk with the minds behind Project Nami. We covered everything from deploying your blog, migrating your… Read More How can technology help solve today’s problems? Join Kat Harris and Gavin Bauman for today’s #ImagineThis episode and learn how a couple of Harvard Med students got inspired to change the medical industry with the use of Microsoft Azure. [0:10] Technology Solves Problems! [0:40] How can technology solve today’s problems? [1:50] Automated “text to… Read More If you are not familiar with SQLBits (, you are missing out on the best and largest SQL Server conference in Europe. Located in the UK, SQLBits is THE place to be in Europe to learn about SQL Server and mingle with many of the SQL Server MPVs and world-renowned speakers. This year, Data… Read More