A look at the new Azure service that uses Microsoft’s real-time intelligence to protect your deployments from outside/inside threats. Watch to learn more about: • Centralized security monitoring• Setting policy and deployment security controls for your Azure Resources• And….advanced threat detection through machine learning Source link… Read More Surface is in a class of devices that uses Modern Standby rather than traditional S3 Sleep. This allows us to manage power consumption right down to the individual hardware components. The net effect is near instant resume times and more efficient power consumption. In today’s demo bench with Program Manager Joao Botto, we walk… Read More Today we take a tour of all the recent updates to Office 365 Groups – spanning user, IT and developer experiences. Groups are pervasive in Office 365, providing self-service capabilities to accelerate collaboration – from conversations, calendar, files, to notes and planning. From an admin’s perspective, this also means there is a need to… Read More Microsoft Chief Architect, Enterprise Cloud, Jeffrey Snover, takes a closer look at Nano server – the secure new headless deployment option for Windows Server 2016. He demonstrates how it gives you the lightest and fastest option with significantly fewer patches and reboots. Watch as he shows you how to customize Nano Server for your… Read More Azure Stack gives you Microsoft Azure Services to run your datacenter just like a service provider. On this episode of Microsoft Mechanics, Jeffrey Snover takes an IT Pro perspective to show you how you can leverage the operational and resource management model of Azure for your datacenter on premises. Also, you’ll see how this… Read More During race season, roughly 100 crew members support Lotus F1 Team on site around the world. On today’s show, we learn from Mark Everest how Lotus F1 Team leveraged Office 365 APIs and extensibility to update their legacy travel application – complete with calendar and directory services integration. The team built new underpinnings with… Read More With Office 365, we continue to invest in new protections against malicious email attacks. Today Shobhit Sahay from the Office 365 team walks through seven new Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) features that proactively identify and block the most dangerous email threats. Source link… Read More Office Mechanics returns to Enstone this week to follow Lotus F1 Team’s implementation of Power BI. The IT crew discusses the shift from SQL Server and SSRS to self-service BI while providing a step-by-step demonstration of what they did to get Power BI running. More exciting changes to come for the team at Enstone.… Read More In this episode of Office Mechanics, we return to Enstone and go hands-on with the IT crew from Lotus F1 Team as they show how OneDrive for Business was implemented. David Cadywould from the IT team demonstrates everything from how the team thought about and configured security settings in OneDrive, PowerShell controls to protect… Read More