Remember the cool open robot platform we highlighted a few months ago? Open? Robots? Open Roberta! The good news is that they have continued to roll forward, recently releasing a new version, with new features and bots. Welcome What’s new? Version beta 2.0 NXT – create programs for LEGO Mindstorms NXT Bot’n Roll – create… Read More This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:32] .NET Fringe is Back! [01:34] Microsoft brings container innovation to the enterprise at DockerCon 2016 [Mark Russinovich] [02:32] On the Road to Release: Redesigning Visual Studio Installation [Tim Sneath], Channel 9 Video [04:03] Get more out of your… Read More

The team at Xpriti have been publishing a magazine, one that if you’re here I bet you’ll like. Check it out at XPRITI MAGAZINE #2 In this edition, Marco Mansi, wrote a great 7 page article, one that’s perfect for our Hardware Friday project… Building a Robot Kit with a Raspberry PI 2 and Windows… Read More