Continuing the commitment to enable an open and flexible platform that meets customers where they are, Microsoft has now open sourced PowerShell and made it available on Linux and macOS. Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist is joined by Jeffrey Snover, inventor of PowerShell, who shares the details of these announcements with hands-on demos from a… Read More This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Petri Wilhelmsen and Shen Chauhan discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:41] Xbox One S Arrives August 2 [Major Nelson] [01:39] .NET Core Roadmap [Scott Hunter] [02:05] Announcing WebApiContrib for ASP.NET Core [Filip Woj] [02:40] Microsoft REST API Guidelines [03:23] A Common Protocol for Languages [03:52]… Read More Have you always wondered how to interact with REST APIs using PowerShell? If so, then wonder no more! During this video demonstration, we will take a look at using PowerShell’s powerful Invoke-RestMethod command to call REST APIs! GitHub’s interface is actually quite easy to use, because they support HTTP Basic Authentication, using pre-generated Personal… Read More Let’s face it, the term “REST” has become too popular for its own good. Like so many other hyper-successful buzzwords, REST means very different things to different developers. If you think that REST loosely translates to “JSON over HTTP”, then it’s time for a hypermedia intervention. In this talk, you’ll learn about the core… Read More