Josef Pihrt, whom whos projects we’ve highlighted a few times (Roslyn Tools, Analyzers, Refactorings and source…, The Essential C# Snippet Source…, Snippetica, 1,581 Snippets and Counting…) has updated his awesome Roslynator and Roslynator Refactorings for Visual Studio 2017 (More VS 2017 information here, Visual Studio Downloads, download it directly, Visual Studio 2017 RC) Roslynator 2017… Read More

Alessandro DelSole, of Code Snippet Studio fame, is back with a set of cool code analyzers and refactorings. There’s no a ton, but that’s the point. When you create your own analyzers and refactorings you don’t need everything and the kitchen sink. You just need enough to get the job done. Targeted tools… If you’re… Read More We talk with Katrina Owen about refactoring. Is Coding Style still a thing? Open APIs or be doomed, says Visa, And I didn’t want an iPhone 7, but I’ll take a free one. Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for “ms dev show” Subscribe on YouTube ?: Watch on Channel 9 ?:… Read More

You all know how much I like the features and capabilities that Roslyn has made available to us, primarily Analyzers and Refactorings. Josef Pihrt has just released a Analyzer and Refactoring pack that you might find interesting. The best part? He’s released the source too… 🙂 Roslyn Tools Roslyn-based library that offers more than 50… Read More