View Components are a new feature in ASP.NET Core MVC and they provide a great way to build small components that can be reused across your application. In today’s episode, Dave shows us how to load view components from a class library so they can be shared across several applications. Resources Blog PostGitHub Repo… Read More The anxiously awaited ASP.NET Core RC2 has finally landed and with it we have a shiny new tag helper to explorer. In today’s video, monster Dave takes us through the new Distributed Cache tag helper and how it differs from the Cache tag helper we explored in Episode 21. More details available here:… Read More With ASP.NET Core we have new options for the way we build out our controllers. Sure, the conventions we know are there, but today we have the option to use as much or as little of the base class as we like in MVC Core. Dive in with Simon, Dave and James as they… Read More So, the problem with configuration is that in the past it’s not really been that great to work with. In ASP.NET there are wholesale changes and, in our last video, we looked at how the runtime gives better options for storage and mechanisms for loading data. Here, we’ll look at structured storage and strongly-typed… Read More