We take a look at coding for the Microsoft Band V2. Small device, small show, right? No. It’s an EPIC. We dug into coding for the Microsoft Band and it turned out to be the biggest show that we’ve made to date. There’s a lot in there when it comes to coding on the… Read More In this episode of The Maker Show, we’ll make an internet-connected garage app, GarageOS. We’ll start by controlling the doors remotely using a relay and a Particle Photon. Then, we’ll build a way to read if the door is open or closed with a magnetic reed switch. Third, we’ll build a way to measure… Read More Jennifer Marsman speaks with Charles Stacy Harris III about developing for the Microsoft Band. They discuss the capabilities of the Band: the sensors it contains, tiles, notifications, Bluetooth, haptics, and the Microsoft Health app for management. Learn how to get started with the Microsoft Band and several compelling use cases for making it shine.… Read More

For the last couple months I’ve been gathering Microsoft Band Dev links, projects and resources. Today seems like a great day to share them… 🙂 Microsoft Band Tile Designer Preview The designer allows creation of custom tile layouts for Microsoft Band. It does not provide its own type of project, nor does it take dependency… Read More

This is the last Microsoft Band 2 post, I promise (for a while… um… maybe…) Today we’ve got two posts, the first a great design resource from Håkan Reis and the last a cool project for those windy days… Microsoft Band 2 design template Finally got around and updated the Band template for the Band… Read More

(No, not that kind of high…) David Vescovi, Microsoft MVP and hardware geek extraordinaire, recently blogged about a cool, new and different Microsoft Band 2 app he wrote… Microsoft Band Altimeter Now for something completely different The new Microsoft Band 2 incorporates 11 sensor which includes the usual GPS, heart rate, and step sensors needed… Read More

Did Santa bring you a shiny new Microsoft Band 2? If he did, and since you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking about taking the next “step” with it, developing an app for it? Jeff Bramwell was thinking the same thing and he’s shared the process for creating one type of app, a Band Web… Read More

Is Santa bringing you a Microsoft Band 2 this Christmas? Well knowing you all, the first thing you’re going to want to do is start some Band coding! (Which is why I love you guys and gals… 🙂 Here’s two things that will help.. One from Friend of the blog, Mads Kristensen and the other,… Read More