Today we had Scott Hanselman, Kendra Havens, Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi, Kasey Uhlenhuth, and Donovan Brown in the studio and on Skype to talk about the challenges and rewards of speaking publicly. Speaking Hacks: Get involved in tech: Scott Hanselman: @shanselman, Kendra Havens: @gotheap Maria Naggaga Nakanwagi: @ladynaggaga Kasey Uhlenhuth: @kuhlenhuth Donovan… Read More

Two years ago we highlighted a project from Tom Temme, Is that a mouse on your face? Or your face acting as a mouse? Both? FaceMouse He recently shared the news that he’s open sourced his project! ExpressionMouse Kinect is Open Source now Currently I have not much time to maintain the software. So I… Read More We are pleased to announce a new show “Humans of Microsoft” and thanks to Jeffrey Snover to inaugurate our pilot. Jeffrey Snover, is a well-known figure of Microsoft. He is the inventor of PowerShell, Architect of Windows server and a Technical Fellow of Microsoft. In this show, we will go beyond the technology and… Read More In this episode, Robert is joined by Andrew Hall, who shows us a preview of tools for building Azure Functions for Visual Studio 2015. Azure Functions provide event-based serverless computing that make it easy to develop and scale your application, paying only for the resources your code consumes during execution. Andrew shows how to… Read More

Last month, one of our favorite 3D JavaScript libraries was updated, v2.5 of Babylon.js rolled out to the world… Here’s the announcement post from David Catuhe. Babylon.js v2.5 and what’s next? “Last week we released Babylon.js v2.5. I do not want to catalog here all features we stuffed this version with but instead I would… Read More In this tutorial, we are going to use the Surface Hub cameras to capture preview of what the camera is seeing and use that to create a picture. Please download the Powerpoint slides and the sample from GitHub: Source link… Read More The Drones Garage team had the awesome opportunity to go to and do coverage for the drone racing event and this show is Day 2. More coverage and interviews with Pilots and Vendors that were at the event. was held at the WAMU theater in Seattle, WA. It wasn’t just drones but… Read More Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sits down with Technical Fellow Jeffrey Snover to get an update on all things Azure Stack. More Info? Post any questions, topic ideas or general conversation here in the comments OR online on via Twitter with #AzureTwC. Follow @CoreySandersWA Follow @RicksterCDN… Read More