?Liam Cavanagh?is back once again on Data Exposed, this time to make the wonderful announcement of the GA release the Azure Search service. Liam, a Senior Program Manager for Azure Search, also surprises us by showing the cool new features added to Azure Search his team has been working on for the past few months.… Read More

Join your guide?Cory Fowler?as he talks to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community. This week Cory talks about Scalable WordPress which can be provisioned from the Azure Marketplace. In the demo, Cory demonstrates a WordPress site which is available in two regions (East and West US) traffic to the sites… Read More

In this special episode of Azure Friday, a demo goes bad and WE KEEP ROLLING. We want you to learn as we learn. When a deployment?fails, Scott and Guang step out?of the demo and do some debugging and learn interesting things about Azure, Azure Websites, Git, and PowerShell. Also, much respect and a big shout… Read More

I was at CodeMash in Ohio last week and saw this robot moving around the conference floor. I was lucky to get a nice demo and play with “Eddie” for a bit. You can even buy an Eddie of your own. There’s lots of great information on Eddie and his coming out party at MakerFaire… Read More

This week Martin chats to Mike Taulty a technical evangelist at Microsoft UK about Xamarin; a cross platform tool for building Android, iOS and Windows applications. Source link… Read More

In this weeks episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Andrew Liu to the show (ignoring the fact that Scott had to look at his notes to remember Andrew’s name….*sigh*). Andrew is a Program Manager on the DocumentDB team here at Microsoft and jumps right in to show us the Java SDK for Azure DocumentDB. First… Read More