This episode of GoingNative comes to you in two parts: First, Steve chats with Augustin Popa about the latest and greatest features in Visual Studio 2017 RC. Please try it out and let us know how you like it! For deeper dives on specific features, feel free to watch the Connect(); videos, or read… Read More In this episode, Billy O’Neal and Stephan T. Lavavej (S.T.L.) talk about the Standard Template Library for multithreading, and how to use it properly. We would love to hear some feedback on this episode! If you liked it, let us know and we may make a follow up! Video outline: [ 03:50 ] Threads[… Read More *as of this video’s release date =P Join us (including our new libs PM, Eric Mittelette) as we get an in-depth look at what cool new C++17 features are available for you in yet another round of STL updates! [pun intended] Timeline[00:25] Interviewees’ Intro[01:28] Major Milestone! [02:15] The * next to the word “is”… Read More