Here’s another unique Kinect project that’s’ a breath of fresh air… (Sorry, had to… ) Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect breathes new life into respiratory assessment Xbox Kinects could be used in the future to assess the health of patients with conditions such as cystic fibrosis. Normally found in the hands of gamers rather than medics the… Read More

Medicine and the Kinect, peanut butter and jelly? Sometimes it seems so. Here’s another example of the Kinect being used in an awesome non-traditional way… Xbox gaming technology may improve X-ray precision With the aim of producing high-quality X-rays with minimal radiation exposure, particularly in children, researchers have developed a new approach to imaging patients.… Read More

We always like to highlight unique or unusual Kinect implementations and what’s more unique than the Kinect helping you become a Crayon? 🙂 Microsoft’s Kinect finds new life in a Crayola Factory From live performances to trying on clothes, and more recently the blending of holograms, Microsoft’s Kinect technology has already seen many interesting use… Read More

You know we like to highlight unusual Kinect projects. Well when I saw Hackaday’s Dan Maloney recent post, I knew I found that kind of project… Make sure you also check out the Make your Own link. Building a kinect based focus puller A DSLR camera for video The Canon 5Dmk2 was a game changer… Read More

Last month we highlighted a Kinect for Windows Game in the store, Wall Ball for Kinect for Windows and Windows 10. Today we’re highlighting another game from Mixxus Studio, a game with a purpose… Country Ramble Games Country Ramble Games consists of three different variations of walking games, BubbleWalk, PokerWalk and BingoWalk. You walk around… Read More

Vangos Pterneas, Kinect Hero, shares with us another awesome Kinect development post… Measuring Distances using Kinect – The Right Way Today I’m going to share a little trick that will save you a ton of time when working with Kinect: how to properly measure the distance between the sensor and a body or object. Surprisingly,… Read More

Mike Taulty, Coding4Fun Friend, has written up a great development post on the Kinect for Windows v2… Windows 8.1, WPF, Kinect for Windows V2 and (Not Quite) Skeletal Fingerprints This post is just to share some code that I wrote quite a while ago for fun. At Microsoft’s UK campus there are some corridors that… Read More

Michael Cottuli has written up a cool article about a project that takes us one step toward our holodeck future… VNTANA HOLLAGRAM melds Kinect, a PC, and holographic screen to bring augmented reality to marketing Another day, another step closer to a cyberpunk-like world full of holograms and high-tech, flashy marketing strategies. With the invention… Read More

I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted anything for Cycling ’74 Max, let alone a Kinect plugin for it! So when I saw that Dale Phurrough released an updated Kinect v2 Cycling ’74 Max plugin, well… New v1.1 of dp.kinect2: HD align, jit.anim.node, more filtering, better color for Cycling74 Max development The new v1.1 release of… Read More

The Kinect is being used in an experiment by Carnegie Mellon to help improve classroom education… How cool is that? Using Kinect Sensors and Facial Recognition in the Classroom Large lecture classes may go through the content too quickly for the typical student to understand. That’s why so many schools follow the practice of breaking… Read More