Bill Wagner describes how to build web applications using Angular 2.0 and TypeScript. Angular 2.0 will be built using the TypeScript language. It will embrace TypeScript’s idioms for working with immersive web experiences in larger applications. You can get those same benefits by working with TypeScript and Angular together. In this session, you’ll learn… Read More Visual Studio is a comprehensive tool for building everything from modern, responsive websites, to corporate intranet portals or even cross-platform Apache Cordova apps, all using web standards and your development skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript or TypeScript languages. This session will be your opportunity to do a live Q&A with the Visual Studio product… Read More Coffee and Code – Visual Studio for Java Developers! Let’s face it. When we say “Java”, chances are very unlikely that the first company you think of is Microsoft. That’s ok, it doesn’t hurt our feelings. But if you do use Java, this episode of Breakpoint is just for you. In this episode, JR… Read More

Given that last week I highlighted a tool that helps you quickly create and share code snips, One code snippet at a time [and more] with the Code Snippet Studio, when I saw today’s first project I knew I had to share it with you… (and it was from the mad man Mads Kristensen was… Read More This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Mark discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:35] Build 2016 Registration Opens Jan. 19 [Steve “Guggs” Guggenheimer] [01:34] ChakraCore GitHub repository is now open [02:16] Microsoft delivers free version of its R analytics Server for developers [Mary Jo Foley] [03:12] Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build… Read More The always colorful Ward Bell took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss some of his thoughts on a number of topics relating to JavaScript. In his observations he includes thoughts on JQuery, TypeScript, Angular, project organization, and general recommendations. It is both enlightening and entertaining (the intro son was in fact… Read More Hey everyone! In this episode of Just A/VR Show, I talk about the VR Web, WebVR, and play with virtual reality in outer space! If you’re a web developer, or just interested in how today’s browsers are beginning to support VR devices, this is the video for you! One clarification: I make a comment… Read More When Matt Podwysocki (@MattPodwysocki) added a todo item on one Android device and we watched the data synchronize and then quickly update on another, I have to say I wasn’t so impressed. But when he told me than neither device had an internet connection, my interest was piqued. Thali ( is an experimental framework… Read More I always love talking to Julie! She first spends some time discussing some of the new things in Entity Framework 7 and when one should consider using (and more importantly not using) the new bits. She also gets into her experience working with Aurelia and node.js. Enjoy! Source link… Read More Reactive Extensions (a.k.a. Rx) is one of those technologies that really lights me up. I sought out Matthew Podwysocki (@mattpodwysocki) – the principle contributor to Rx.js so I could give you an introduction to this technology and ask him some questions about the project and where it’s headed. You’ll be able to use Rx… Read More