This talk provides an overview of the Open Government Partnership, as the principal international network of open data practitioners. Many talented people contribute their skills and knowledge to projects and causes that are important to them locally, but how do we scale our engagement to build a stronger open data community nationally and internationally?… Read More How to build web sites that work well across various browsers versions and devices is always challenging for web developers. In this episode, you will learn tools available for interoperability tests, and how to use them. I will demonstrate how easy you will be able to leverage the tools, to identify the problems, and… Read More Wondering what the future has in store for JavaScript web developers? ECMAScript 2015 & 2016 are the next major releases of the ECMAScript language specification a.k.a. JavaScript. In this session’ we will talk about the evolution of JavaScript and the standard ECMAScript. We will showcase some of the features introduced in ES2015 such as… Read More It’s time to introduce a whole new team and a whole new Channel 9 show – Web.Dev! We’re off to a great start recording content for your education and viewing pleasure. Topics will be diverse, but always related to web development. Over time, we’ll thoroughly explore the exciting ASP.NET stack, Node.js, PHP, web frameworks,… Read More In today’s episode of Just A/VR Show, we’ll be looking at A-Frame, a markup-styled experience for creating virtual reality enabled websites with HTML-styled tags! A-Frame is a cool project coming out of the MozVR team, and is built on top of the WebVR API. Resources Accompanying video presentation The A-Frame Website: Introduction to… Read More Let’s face it, the term “REST” has become too popular for its own good. Like so many other hyper-successful buzzwords, REST means very different things to different developers. If you think that REST loosely translates to “JSON over HTTP”, then it’s time for a hypermedia intervention. In this talk, you’ll learn about the core… Read More This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [01:17] Department of Defense Commits to Windows 10 [Yusuf Mehdi] [02:13] Node.js: From Zero to Bobble with Visual Studio Code [Sara Itani] [03:14] Why You Should Learn JavaScript in 2016 [Ken Powers] [04:30] Video Series – Guide to Developing… Read More MVP Dennis Burton describes how to scaffold an application using Yeoman. Source link… Read More Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Game Dev Show, I’m @DaveVoyles. Throughout this series we’ll have several Microsoft Technical Evangelists, as well as some guests, to introduce you to the concepts behind game development from a number of angles, including the programming, art, and business aspects of game production. Every Wednesday… Read More