Default parameters in JavaScript ES2015 allow you to specify the default values for your parameters if no value or ‘undefined’ is passed in. Microsoft Edge (with about:flags experimental JavaScript features enabled for now) lets you take full advantage of this language feature, letting you write more expressive, more concise code. You can read more… Read More

David Rousset writes up a great article about creating a cross-platform game using Babylon.js and WebGL… Building A Cross-Platform WebGL Game With Babylon.js Here’s a challenge for you: what about building a 3D game over the weekend? Babylon.js1 is a JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5, WebGL and Web Audio, built by yours… Read More

David Catuhe is back with the news about the latest version of Babylon.js. Make sure you read to the end to see a great example of it being used in the real world, in a highly visible way… What’s new in Babylon.js 2.4 Woot! What a version again! It seems to me that this is… Read More Bill is like me in at least one way – he loves TypeScript and Angular 2.0. I pulled Bill aside during the Build conference and we had a little chat about TypeScript – a typed superset of JavaScript – and Angular 2.0 – the new version of Google’s popular web framework. This language/framework combination… Read More In this video Anders Hejlsberg spends some time discussing TypeScript. He starts with the reasons behind creating TypeScript (the so called elevator speech) and then moves on to some of the features coming in the next release. He mentions a number of features but spends the time discussing the null (and corresponding undefined) types… Read More I was thrilled when Brad Green (@bradlygreen) of Google agreed to join me on CodeChat. I’m ramping up quickly on Angular 2.0 which hit beta status a few months ago. It’s a delightful framework and I’m having a lot of fun, so getting a chance to talk to one of its founding fathers was… Read More React Native is a great way to build native, cross platform apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript and the Visual Studio team recently released a new extension for React Native! The extension is similar to the Visual Studio Code Cordova Extension that enables you to build, debug and preview Apache Cordova apps, and… Read More In this episode, live from BUILD 2016, Robert is joined by Ryan Salva and several luminaries from the JavaScript world: John Bristowe (NativeScript evangelist), Max Lynch (co-founder of Ionic) and Jesse MacFadyen (one of the founding developers of PhoneGap/Cordova). Ryan updates us on some news and then John, Max and Jesse shed light on… Read More Angular 2.0 is pretty great. It’s the latest iteration of the very popular Angular.js client-side web framework. It’s different from Angular 1.x. Actually, it’s very different! In this episode of Web.Dev, we’re going to walk through the 5 Minute Quickstart you can find at, and at every step I’ll explain a bit about… Read More Do you get tired of reloading your website every time you make a change to your CSS styles? Are you always compressing your CSS and JavaScript files? In this video, Rami Sayar hacks together a Grunt script to help make your website awesome. This Gruntfile automates compiling SASS to CSS, improves your CSS with… Read More