[ad_1] Last month, one of our favorite 3D JavaScript libraries was updated, v2.5 of Babylon.js rolled out to the world… Here’s the announcement post from David Catuhe. Babylon.js v2.5 and what’s next? “Last week we released Babylon.js v2.5. I do not want to catalog here all features we stuffed this version with but instead I… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/3e153d47241a49b9adbda6f9015cc7ab/webperfcrisis.mp4 [ad_1] Adapted from an internal Microsoft event – presented by Nolan Lawson. The slides for this presentation are available here. Recent research by DoubleClick shows that 53% of mobile sites are abandoned if they take longer than 3 seconds to load, and that the average load time on 3G is 19 seconds. Worse, a… Read More

[ad_1] Mr. Visual Studio Extension Man, Mads Kristensen, is back with a huge Web Extension pack for the recently released Visual Studio 2017. While we highlighted his Web Extension Pack last year, Mads Mad Web Extension Pack, this time, he’s out down himself, packing up 19 (and counting) must have web extensions for Visual Studio… Read More

[ad_1] With security, we need all the help we can get. Today we’ve got two Visual Studio extensions that should be in your security toolbox… First, we have the one and only Mads Kristensen with a great extension that will help you find dependent npm/bower packages that have known security issues Package Security Alerts Identifies… Read More

[ad_1] Using a Google tool to build your next Raspberry Pi Windows 10 app? Yep, here’s how… Windows 10 IoT Core Blockly In this blog post you’ll learn about IoT Core Blockly, a new UWP application that allows you to program a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and a Raspberry Pi Sense Hat using a… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/614e9aa15ecb4f9faa2ea67a01325e30/MapsAndSets.mp4 [ad_1] In this video written by John-David Dalton, you’ll learn about maps and sets in JavaScript ES2015, which are new structures to store data that are simpler and less error prone than plain objects. Microsoft Edge lets you take full advantage of these language features, letting you write more expressive, more robust code. You… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/9b13c950fabb4fef90cda66d0127864e/Edge14.mp4 [ad_1] Join Helen Huang (an intern on the Web Platform Team) and Jonathan Sampson (a program manager on the Web Platform Team) for a quick tour of some highlights from Edge in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. EdgeHTML 14 is the latest release of the Edge rendering engine (EdgeHTML), which ships in the Windows… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/c1b41bfdba114c1e97c6a652003f5bc7/codechat065.mp4 [ad_1] This week on CodeChat I had the honor of talking with Jason Dobry – the creator of JS Data. JS Data is an open source ORM for JavaScript that I call amazing because frankly it is. Being JavaScript, it’s as happy in the client (as in browsers, for example) as it is on… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/4337120608b74607ac4da65e015b228f/WebNotifications.mp4 [ad_1] Web Notifications allow web sites to display messages via your devices native notification system. This allows for richer and more native feeling web applications. Learn more at http://aka.ms/EdgeWebNotifications. [ad_2] Source link… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/60913724daac4c23bc69a659016299d0/RestParameters.mp4 [ad_1] In this video written by John-David Dalton, you’ll learn about rest parameters and spread operators in JavaScript ES2015, which reduce the amount of code needed to work with arrays, arguments objects, iterables, and iterators. Microsoft Edge lets you take full advantage of these language features, letting you write more expressive, more concise code.… Read More