During the Microsoft BUILD conference and in Merav Davidson’s recent blog post, we announced that Visual Studio Application Insights was ready for Public Preview. As part of Application Insights’ Public Preview we are launching a new cloud-friendly pricing model that is based on data volume per application and designed to offer great value for all… Read More

I often hear many questions about the APM products that Microsoft ships. Including, What happened to SCOM APM? There were some killer features in the Visual Studio Online version of Application Insights – why are they not available in Application Insights in Azure? What are the differences between all those products that seem to address… Read More

Last week during /build, we announced support for Open Source Cloud Foundry among a slew of solutions which run great on Azure. We are excited that Cloud Foundry was part of this announcement, as we’ve heard from customers who would like to use Azure for running or extending their Cloud Foundry deployments. For those who… Read More

In the latest Preview release of Azure Automation we introduce a new feature – graphical authoring – that allows you to author runbooks using a graphical tool and a graphical programming model, with no code required.  Simply insert activities from the library to the canvas, link them together into a workflow, and configure the properties… Read More

Today at Ignite, Brad Anderson – CVP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division – laid out the key attributes of what makes for an intelligent cloud in today’s mobile-first cloud-first world. An intelligent cloud platform needs to be trustworthy, flexible and integrated. Azure is a rapidly innovating platform that delivers on these core principles and… Read More

I am very excited with all the announcements being made at Microsoft BUILD conference today! As you might have read in Soma’s blog and Brian Harry’s blog, we are announcing Public Preview of Visual Studio Application Insights, which is an analytics solution for any app that brings together Application Performance Management and Usage Analytics. Application Insights provides… Read More

Monoliths or microservices? Your choice! But more and more Devs are leaning toward microservices, which you can use to update your site in milliseconds. They are supported by Microsoft Azure, offered as a service, and highly scalable, resilient, and composable units of deployment for modern applications. Self-contained for fit and purpose, they are a key… Read More

Businesses run software and software runs businesses. Code can make or break your bank or bookstore. And if it goes down or performs badly, you stand to lose not just during the outage but for ever after, as customers move elsewhere. If users are having problems with your web site, you need to know immediately,… Read More