This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Robert Green and Scott Klein discuss the week’s (cough… month’s) top developer news, including; [01:18] Microsoft to acquire Xamarin and empower more developers to build apps on any device [Scott Guthrie] [02:33] Announcing Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition open for pre-order, shipping March 30 [03:57] Microsoft joins the… Read More In this episode of The Maker Show, we’re taking a hands-on tour of the Particle Photon: a powerful Arduino-compatible 32-bit microcontroller board with built-in Wi-Fi that sells for only $19. The built-in connectivity and Particle Cloud make this board an ideal device for the creation of connected gadgets in the Internet of Things (IoT).… Read More Recently DX team members from Microsoft Canada took part in the DevOps Hackathon. Our hack was to literally build a better mousetrap by connecting a Raspberry Pi to record the number of times a trap is set off and where the trap has been set off. The data is fed through IoT Hub, stored… Read More

Last week the hot device/hardware/IoT news was the release of the Raspberry Pi 3. The big question is that does it support Windows 10 IoT Core? Billy Anders answers that below. Want more information? Keep scroll down and see the latest MagPi, which as you might expect as some great Raspberry Pi 3 coverage… Windows… Read More If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to solder and didn’t know how to get started, then this is the video for you. Sooner or later in your maker projects, you will come across a project that requires soldering. The time to learn is now, so you can be ready. In this video, Frank… Read More

I usually avoid highlighting commercial services here (though most of the devices I do usually highlight are commercial, so I’m not really sure the difference…. but you know what I mean). When Chris Gatbonton emailed me about this, I wasn’t sure if I was going to highlight it or not. Then I took another look,… Read More

To close out our Game Theme week, this post from Helen Lynn is a perfect ending and way to kill your entire weekend… 🙂 Three great GameMaker games for Raspberry Pi As I began to type today’s blog post, I received an email from Eben beginning, “Wow – awesome stuff.” I set aside the project… Read More