An age of more personal computing is upon us, but is our intuition around technology and design up to the challenge? In this sweeping talk across More Personal Computing and the Mobile First / Cloud first revolution, a new software design landscape emerges. Rick Barraza explains how fundamental shifts in computation, artificial intelligence and… Read More Have you ever wanted to make your own coin-operated arcade game cabinet, jukebox, or claw machine? In this episode of the Maker Show, Rachel Weil walks through how to wire up and write code for an Arduino and a programmable coin acceptor. [00:40] Review of materials needed[02:42] Setting up the coin acceptor[04:02] Interrupts explained[04:51]… Read More

IoT was big at Build this year as you might expect, but one of the announcements/projects seemed to fly a little under the radar, Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T) talked about in this session, Windows in the Smart Home: The Internet of Things and UWP. So let’s give OpenT2T some C4F love… 🙂 Open Translators… Read More In this episode, Robert is joined by Harikrishna Menon, who shows us MyDriving, an Azure IoT and Mobile sample application. This solution uses On-board diagnostics (OBD) data from your car to analyze your driving. The backend uses multiple Azure Services like IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, SQL databases, HDInsight, Machine Leaning, and App Services and… Read More Build 2016 has come and gone and our DevRadio regulars decided to get together for a candid no-holds barred session and discuss what they thought of all of the news and announcements made last week. Curious what they think of the new Bot Framework or Bash on Windows? Or maybe that they little announcement… Read More Today’s episode is jam-packed with people and features from the Visual Studio family of products! Join today’s “panel of presenters” to hear about all these awesome new and improved tools, ready for you to play with today! [00:54] Build Tools RTM w/ Andrew Pardoe [Download | Blog] [3:13] What’s new with Cross-Platform w/ Ankit… Read More

Since learning about maker subscriptions when highlighting Creation Crate last month, I’ve kept my eyes open for similar services… HackerBoxes … Why HackerBoxes? From the very heart of the modern maker movement, HackerBoxes entertain, enlighten, educate, and empower. Whether you’re a new student or a seasoned expert, there is always more to discover in the… Read More It’s finally time for Microsoft’s biggest developer event of the year: Build. Build 2016 is taking place in San Francisco once again, and it’s sure to be full of exciting news, announcements, and tech stories. If you can’t be at Build in person, don’t worry- there are many different ways you can be involved.… Read More

Today’s Hardware Friday Project is one that will give you an early jump start for Halloween. Yes, Halloween. All to often, I find these projects right before or right after, i.e. to close to the holiday to give you all enough time to actually build it. Today’s project is different! You now have MORE than… Read More In this episode of The Maker Show, Bret Stateham will show you how to drive a stepper motor with an Arduino. Stepper motors are one of the unsung heroes of the age. Hard drives, CNC Mills, 3D Printers and more just wouldn’t exist without them. They can do so much more than a regular… Read More