In this episode of The Maker Show, join Ian Philpot and Jared Rhodes as they combine the worlds of real-time communication and web robotics to make a sword fighting Lego Bionicle. Ian and Jared first start with a UWP app and the Microsoft Band SDK to grab accelerometer data, then using Signalr they send… Read More Infinite loops have been a centerpiece of programming since the first programs were written. Even “interactive” programs have infinite loops: program waits for input, program does some processing, program generates some output, program waits for input, and on and on and on. While current generation microcontrollers like the popular Arduino variants still use loop-style… Read More

Ted Malone has been working on this great Raspberry Pi 3 IoT journey… The IoT Journey : Interacting with the Physical World In the first two posts of this series (See Post One and Post Two) I detailed the process of configuring a Raspberry Pi 3 to enable development and testing of Internet of Things… Read More Jean Paoli and Taqi Jaffri chat about the Internet of Things and the new open source Open Translators to Things project (alpha version). Check out the code on GitHub, read the blog and participate! Source link… Read More Using a Wi-Fi enabled micro-controller that is the size of a matchbook, we can attach sensors to gather information about the world around us. We can then take that data and publish that up into cloud services for either online archival, real-time analytics, building predictive models, or using visualization software to create new insights… Read More

Today’s project is one you might have seen at Build, another end-to-end with great setup details (including a 147 page pdf to help you get started), all open source… MyDriving – An Azure IOT and Mobile sample application Building IoT and Mobile solutions is fun and exciting. This year at //Build, we wanted to show… Read More Daniel Lang from Toradex (@toradex) joins me as we take a break from all of the software talk to chat about something that is sometimes more exciting – hardware. Toradex makes devices. The Calibri which he shows off here is an ARM-based module that’s fully capable of running Windows 10 IoT Core. This welcomes… Read More

With all the current excitement about IoT and Windows 10, does that mean our old friend the .NET Micro Framework is dead? Nope! Getting Started with the .NET Micro Framework 4.4 How to build .Net Micro Framework 4.4 repo and create simple “Hello World” sample with .Net Micro Framework Emulator for Windows. Introduction Some weeks… Read More “Where there’s a will there’s a way. There’s a way to solve every problem using your engineer prowess.” – Michelle Easter, JPL Engineer Hit play to let Channel 9’s Seth Juarez spark your curiosity through a captivating interview with JPL’s (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Michelle Easter. In this interview, Michelle discusses everything from dancing… Read More Hear from visionary, Tom Soderstrom, IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) on how technology and innovation work hand in hand and how JPL dares to do mighty things. With the launch of the Pasadena NASA Space Apps Challenge, Seth explores with Tom fascinating real-life examples from outer space and… Read More