Looking to get started with IoT? Windows 10 IoT? Want to be a plug-n-plug maker? The recent MagPi mag and the Microsoft Grove IoT Kit might be JUST what you are looking for… Learn how to make with Windows 10 IoT Core in The MagPi 48 Windows 10 is better than ever on Raspberry Pi… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/49d1cd7919c84550a62ea5fc0066f022/AzureIOTStarterKits.mp4 This lengthy episode contains a ton of good information about IoT in general, about Azure IoT and the services that it brings this category of computing, and finally about a number of starter kits designed and built for Azure IoT that you can use to get you building connected devices very quickly. I doubt… Read More

So you’ve heard and seen that node.js is the new thing the cool kids are working with. You’ve heard and seem that IoT and the Raspberry Pi are the new things the cool kids are playing with. Dave Johnson has written down and shared how you too can be a cool kid… Beginner’s Guide to… Read More

http://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/2a9cf156d1fe4473a43ba652013b257b/21.mp4 In this episode of The Maker Show, we’ll make an internet-connected garage app, GarageOS. We’ll start by controlling the doors remotely using a relay and a Particle Photon. Then, we’ll build a way to read if the door is open or closed with a magnetic reed switch. Third, we’ll build a way to measure… Read More

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Scratch is one of those project we love following and highlighting… Scratch that learning itch… Scratch, the tool to help you grow your young geek “Coding for Kinect with Scratch” MVA Course Kinect 2 Scratch Kinect2Scratch gets a fresh new site and some updates too … as well as the Raspberry Pi. The two together?… Read More

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