Today’s Hardware Friday post comes to us via the team at Raspberry PI, and while it might feel like every Friday post is a PI post, I couldn’t pass this one up. Help teachers and educators introduce our young to the joy of IoT? Oh yeah, no way was I passing that up! Welcome to… Read More

One of the things I see allot is how hard it can be to setup a new Raspberry Pi. So when I saw this post from HackADay’s Gerrit Coetzee, I couldn’t pass it up… Bake a Fresh Raspberry Pi: Never Struggle To Configure A Pi Again “[David Ferguson] has put together a nice little tool… Read More

Luis Valencia, Microsoft MVP, has written up a great IoT project that seems to be perfect right now (Man, it’s cold! 😉 First we have a short interview of him at the recent MVP Summit; Luis Valencia – IoT, sensors, and Azure Now onto the full project… Real Time Temperature WebApp with Raspberry, Azure IoT… Read More

For the first Hardware Friday post of the year lets start with highlight the must go to source for Windows IoT samples… ms-iot/samples Windows 10 IoT Core Samples “To download Windows 10 IoT Core, visit our Get Started page To download these samples, click the Clone or Download button above How to contribute We greatly… Read More

One of our favorite magazines, The MagPi, is out with the prefect edition for last Hardware Friday post before Christmas… Issue 52 – Merry Christmas Makes Get creative with our festive projects in the Christmas 2016 issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine Merry Christmas MakesBuild your own decorations and even make one out of… Read More

Have a little hardware elf at home? Here’s something to help keep them busy during the Winter Break… micro:bit Christmas Challenge! Announcing the micro:bit Christmas Challenge! How could the micro:bit help Santa deliver his Christmas presents this year? The Micro:bit Foundation has been contacted by Santa Claus himself. He has heard how amazing the micro:bit… Read More

Our Hardware Friday post is something I’ve not seen mentioned to often, emulating a Raspberry Pi on your PC. Ilias Tsigkogiannis was written up a great how-to to get all the stuff you and and make it work… How to emulate a Raspberry Pi on your PC I am very interested in trying simulators and… Read More

Today’s Hardware Friday post is meant to “teach you how to fish find your own cool projects” is a great community that is all about learning hardware… “Hackster helps people everywhere learn how to design, create and program Internet-connected hardware. By bringing together our network of close to 200,000 engineers, makers and hackers, 90… Read More

Today’s project is from the awesome Microsoft community on and while includes complete instructions and parts list, is for the advanced hardware hacking… Posture Recognition using Kinect, Azure IoT, ML and WebVR The Idea With the recent success of depth cameras such as Kinect, gesture and posture recognition has become easier. Using depth sensors,… Read More

You HAVE to love a post that starts off with “No, I am not drunk, nor did I smoke some peculiar produce our capital Amsterdam is famous for, and I did not bump my head a bit too hard on my car while getting out of it either…” Joost van Schaik shows us how U… Read More