This week on Channel 9, Vlad and Mark discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:20] Announcing the ongoing Bug Bounty for .NET Core and ASP.NET Core, [02:18] 400,000 GitHub repositories, 1 billion files, 14 terabytes of code: Spaces or Tabs? [Felipe Hoffa] [04:18] Microsoft Azure now available from UK datacenters [Tom Keane]… Read More How to build web sites that work well across various browsers versions and devices is always challenging for web developers. In this episode, you will learn tools available for interoperability tests, and how to use them. I will demonstrate how easy you will be able to leverage the tools, to identify the problems, and… Read More It’s clear that with the obsession of Tech Companies to launch a “new” device (phone, tablet, laptop, monitor, etc…) every 12 months, in order to revamp their flagship product or outdo their competitors, leaves developers scrambling to create flexible and adaptive applications that look beautiful in any environment. Let’s be honest, users are extremely… Read More

Looking for something fun to do? Maybe want to learn something new? But have already spent yourself silly for the holidays, so want it cheap or free? Well have I got the deal for you! Level Zero – Free Construct 2 Book! A free book about Construct 2? Yes! This book features tutorials on using… Read More