You know Syncfusion is one of my favorite companies. From their great free Succinctly ebooks to their awesome “Community license” (800+ controls & frameworks for free? Definition of awesome!) Today’s example shows off the Community license, as well as free add-on for it. Convert HTML to PDF in C#/VB.NET and ASP.NET/MVC with a Free 3rd… Read More

Welcome back to the Mads Kristensen blog! Just kidding… But I wouldn’t be surprised if you might think that, given the number of times we highlight his work. Well it’s all his fault! If he would just stop release cool extensions and stuff! For example, today we’re highlighting not one project of his, but two!… Read More Bill is like me in at least one way – he loves TypeScript and Angular 2.0. I pulled Bill aside during the Build conference and we had a little chat about TypeScript – a typed superset of JavaScript – and Angular 2.0 – the new version of Google’s popular web framework. This language/framework combination… Read More “You didn’t write that awful page. You’re just trying to get some data out of it.” That’s how BeautifulSoup’ an HTML parsing module for Python’ presents itself. A favourite of data journalists and open data advocates’ it makes web scraping a breeze. In this session’ I’ll show you how to get running quickly with… Read More It’s time to introduce a whole new team and a whole new Channel 9 show – Web.Dev! We’re off to a great start recording content for your education and viewing pleasure. Topics will be diverse, but always related to web development. Over time, we’ll thoroughly explore the exciting ASP.NET stack, Node.js, PHP, web frameworks,… Read More In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to create your own WordPress site using Windows Azure. WordPress is super easy to use and a great tool for creating blogs or tracking your projects and ideas. Source link… Read More