#357 — September 12, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus A Straightforward Introduction to ‘Houdini’ — Three years ago, Houdini was called ‘maybe the most exciting development in CSS you’ve never heard of’. And even now it can be tricky to understand what this collection of mostly incomplete CSS related APIs and technologies really… Read More

#356 — September 5, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Chrome Turns 10 Years Old as Chrome 69 Released — There’s a higher level celebration of the ten anniversary here, but what’s new for Web developers? CSS Scroll Snap, display cutouts, and the Web Locks API for starters. Google Take a New Look at… Read More

#355 — August 29, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus The Front-End Performance Checklist — An extensive list of things you should check or at least be aware of as a front-end developer trying to make your sites work as fast as possible. David Dias Using Feature Detection to Write CSS with Cross-Browser Support… Read More

#354 — August 22, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus UX and HTML5: Let’s Help Users Fill In Your Mobile Forms — Best practices to improve your mobile forms, including scannability and readability. There’s a lot to chew on here. Stéphanie Walter Advanced Effects with CSS Background Blend Modes — Learn about the background-blend-mode,… Read More

#353 — August 15, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus webhint: A Linting Tool for Web Best Practices — A customizable (and extensible) tool that checks your site for accessibility, performance, security, and other concerns. Note: webhint is the new name for Sonarwhal. JS Foundation Everything You Need To Know About Alignment in Flexbox… Read More

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#351 — August 1, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Priority Nav Scroller: Priority+ Navigation in a Horizontal Scrollable Container — A practical navigational element if you have a large number of category links to show. Comes as an ES6 module but a compiled version is also included. Nigel O Toole Implementing a ‘Double… Read More

#350 — July 25, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus A Milestone for Chrome Security: Marking HTTP As “Not Secure” — Chrome 68, released this week (more on that below), shows a “Not secure” message in the location bar when accessing a site over unencrypted HTTP. The march to ‘HTTPS everywhere’ continues. Google Adding… Read More

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#348 — July 11, 2018 Read on the Web Frontend Focus A ‘div’ That Looks Different In Each Major Browser — A neat demonstration of how specs don’t guarantee an identical result across browsers. Here’s the CodePen to try it for yourself. Martijn Cuppens on Twitter Writing IE-Friendly CSS Grid Code — Want to lean… Read More