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  • Rolling out Public Key Pinning with HPKP Reporting

    [ad_1] Rolling out Public Key Pinning with HPKP Reporting [ad_2] Source link

  • History API: Scroll Restoration

    [ad_1] History API: Scroll Restoration [ad_2] Source link

  • Updates to the service worker cache API

    [ad_1] Updates to the service worker cache API [ad_2] Source link

  • The EME Logger extension

    [ad_1] The EME Logger extension [ad_2] Source link

  • Apple’s proposed new HTML element for 3D models

    [ad_1] Unsubscribe Frontend Focus #?506 — September 1, 2021 | Read on the web Image via: Mozilla Why Are Hyperlinks Blue? — A deep dive into the history of interfaces and link designs over the years to track down the origin of the blue link we know today — lots of nostalgic interface design here. Elise Blanchard […]

  • A ‘catty’ look at the AVIF image format

    [ad_1] Unsubscribe Frontend Focus #?505 — August 25, 2021 | Read on the web Decoding AVIF: A Deep Dive with Cats and Imgproxy — It’s been nearly a year since we shared Jake Arbibald’s piece on the ‘arrival of AVIF’. Now, browser support is not quite there just yet, so this article shows us how […]

  • Is ‘mobile first’ design still relevant?

    [ad_1] Unsubscribe Frontend Focus #?504 — August 18, 2021 | Read on the web The State of Mobile First and Desktop First — Is mobile first or desktop first still relevant today? This article explores that question, outlining the pros and cons of such approaches. Ahmad Shadeed Practical Uses of CSS Math Functions: calc, clamp, min, […]

  • What is HTTP/3?

    [ad_1] Unsubscribe Frontend Focus #?503 — August 11, 2021 | Read on the web The World of CSS Transforms — Another excellent blog post from Josh, this time looking at the power of CSS transforms. Expect a detailed look at the transform property, with some nifty examples of what it can do. Josh W Comeau HTTP/3 […]

  • How to nail your CSS refactoring

    [ad_1] Unsubscribe Frontend Focus #?502 — August 4, 2021 | Read on the web Refactoring CSS: Strategy, Regression Testing and Maintenance — A detailed guide on taking an incremental approach to refactoring CSS, with pointers on strategy, visual regression testing, and maintaining a refactored codebase. Adrian Bece The 2021 Scroll Survey Report — The Chrome team has […]

  • The Internet Archive is 25 years old

    [ad_1] Unsubscribe Frontend Focus #?501 — July 28, 2021 | Read on the web An Overview of the RenderingNG Architecture — Just how does Chrome render pixels on your screen? This thorough post explains how the components of the RenderingNG architecture work, and how the rendering pipeline flows through them. Chris Harrelson (Google) Reflections as the […]