#441 — May 20, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus A Drop-in Minimal CSS Framework Switcher — There are a lot of so called ‘minimal’ CSS systems out there, such as new.css and GitHub’s Primer but it can be hard to sort through them for something you’d like. Enter this ‘minimal CSS framework switcher’… Read More

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#438 — April 29, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Current browser support for CSS math functions. Via: caniuse.com ?  min(), max(), and clamp()` Are CSS Magic — The min, max, and clamp functions are now starting to see more widespread browser support. Here’s a video running through how these properties can be used to… Read More

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#435 — April 8, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Changes in Firefox 75 That Will Affect Developers — Version 75 of Firefox dropped yesterday, bringing with it support for lazy loading, additions to the Web Animations API, implementation of the min(), max(), and clamp() CSS functions, plus a handful of accessibility wins. All… Read More

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